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If you were 3000 years old you would be 3000 years old.

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Q: If you were 3000 years old how old would you be?
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How old would Athena would be if she was alive?

Athena would be about 3000 or 4000 years old.

About how old would you be if you lived a million days?

you must be approximately around 3000 years old.

how old will you be in 3000 if you 11 now?

If you are 11 now, in 2021, then you were born in 2010. 3000-2010=990. You would be 990 years old in 3000.

How old are the phoenecians?

3000 years old

How many days are there in 3000 years?

In 3000 years? That would be 1,095,000

Are you 3000 years old?


How old will Selena Gomez be in the year 3000?

She will be 1,008 years old on July 22, 3000

How old is Thailand?

It is over 3000 years old.

How old is Tutankhamen's mask?

3000 years old

How old is Jamie Masterson?

3000 years old

How old is King Tutankhamun's mask?

3000 years old

How old is Misty Edwards from IHOP?

3000 years old