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If you were born in 1954, prior to today's date (February 3rd) you would now be 56 in the year 2010 (this works out mathematically, 1954 + 56 = 2010). However, if you were born later in the year than February 3rd, you would still be 55. You will then be 56 when your birthday arrives this year. Happy birthday!

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Q: If you were born 1954 how old would you be?
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If I was born on this date in 1954 I would be 56 years old

How old is a person born in 1954?

In 2013 they would reach their 59th birthday

If you were born in 1954 how old would you be?

61, assuming a date of birth on, or before, this date; otherwise, you would be 60.

How old is someone born on December 1 1954?

As of October 2010, someone born in 1954 is 55 years old.

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People born in 1954 will turn 60 in 2014.

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63 = 2017 - 1954 so 63rd birthday will be in 2017

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your would have been born in 1954

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