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55 x 7 = 385 miles

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Q: If you were driving 55 miles per hour how far will you travel in 7 hours?
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If driving at a constant speed of 65 miles per hour how far will you travel in 3.5 hours?

227.5 miles

How long does it take to travel 830 miles if you are driving 55 miles per hour?

A little more than 15 hours

How many hours is it if you are driving 152 miles at 70 miles per hour?

In 2 hours, you will travel 140 miles. The extra 12 miles will take 10 minutes 28 seconds.

How many hours driving is 419 miles if your driving 80 miles per hour?

5.24 hours.

How long would it take you to travel 550 miles if you were driving 50 miles per hour?

If the speed is constant, it will take 11 hours.

If you were driving at 55 miles pe hour how far will travel in 5 hours?

Watch closely: 55 x 5 = 275 miles

Mike is driving north on highway 101 for 1.5 hours at a speed of 65 miles per hour. How far does he travel?

93 miles

How many miles can you travel if you are driving 80 mph for 1 hour?

80mph = 80 miles/hour If you drive for one hour at 80 miles/hour, you will travel 80 miles.

How far can you travel in 7 hours of driving if your rate of speed is 55 miles per hour?


How many hours is 5 miles driving at 60 miles a hour?

0.0833... hours.

How many hours is 797 miles driving 70 miles a hour?

11.386 hours.

How many hours is 195 miles driving?

It depends on how fast you travel. If you went 195 miles per hour then it would only take you one hour. If you traveled at 100 mph then it would take you about 2 hours