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Q: If you were granted $ 100.00 what community improvement would you organize Who would you benefit and how How do you measure the success of the activity?
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What An activity or a service performed by volunteers free of charge for the benefit of a person group or the public is called?

a. community service

What are the main benefits for community software programs?

The benefits of community software programs is that it allows programmers to share knowledge and expertise with other programmers. Another benefit is that it allows the development of self-improvement.

How does local community benefit from foreign investors?

positive impact,employement,development of local industries, improvement of local livelihood, expansion of business to local products

What is the benefit for database software?

To organize, structure and store the information in a systemic way.

How does nike benefit community?

a lot.

What is the definition of public purposes?

An action by or at the direction of a government for the benefit of the community as a whole An action by or at the direction of a government for the benefit of the community as a whole

How do restaurant owners benefit the community?

It can benefit the community by providing a place where families and friend can eat and socialise at the same time. Also, it can be economically beneficial to the community and providing jobs.

How does a community center benefit for a community?

Private for self or selves. Public for you, others.

What is environmenal development?

this is the improvement of the social amenities and the surroundings for the benefit of economical growth.

What is the between a cost and a benefit?

Cost is the cash outflow of some activity to achieve higher cash inflow from some activity. Cash outflow is called the cost while cash inflow is called the benefit from specific activity. If cash inflow is morethan cash outflow then it is said that activity has more benefit then it's cost.

How do you initiate changes in community?

You, initiate change in your community by being proactive and starting projects that will benefit your community.

What is a risk and benefit analysis?

A risk benefit analysis simply means to compare the risks and benefits that a given activity will yield. The purpose is to essentially determine if an activity as "worth it".