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Q: If you were to add all odd numbers between 1 and 11 both inclusive the result would be?
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How many four digit numbers are there between 999 and 3000?

1000 - 2999 inclusive.2000. It's inclusive, so you must add 1 to the difference.-----------------------------Number of whole numbers = last number - first number + 1The first 4 digit number is 1000The last depends upon whether the "between" is:exclusive: the "between" is "strictly between", ie the numbers under consideration are greater than the first and less than the second; the 3000 is excluded as it is not less than 3000. This is an understanding that comes from placing a third object between two other objects - you cannot place it on top of one of the other objects as it would not be between them;inclusive: the "between" includes the end numbers, ie the numbers under consideration are greater than or equal to the first number and lest than or equal to the second number; the 3000 is included as it is equal to 3000.If exclusive:The last number is 2999 → number of numbers between 999 and 3000 = 2999 - 1000 + 1 = 2000If inclusive:The last number is 3000 → number of numbers between 999 and 3000 = 3000 - 1000 + 1 = 2001--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Numbers are not necessarily whole numbers; four digit numbers also include 999.1, 999.2, ..., 999.9 which mean there could be an extra 9 four digit numbers between 999 and 3000.999.0 wouldn't normally be written with the zero as it makes no different to the value of the number, however if 998.99 was rounded to 4 significant figures the result would be 999.0 with 4 digits, so 999.0 could be claimed to be a four digit number, which would then either be included or not depending upon whether the between is inclusive or exclusive.

What is the number between 21 and 53?

If you meant to ask what are the prime numbers between 21 and 53 inclusive, then it would be 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53

How do you round to the nearest tenth and hundredth?

Always look at the next digit. If it's between 0 & 4 inclusive - round the number down. If it's between 5 & 9 inclusive - round up. Take the numbers 10.094 and 10.096. 10.094 would round down - to 10.09... 10.096 would round up to read 10.10

What is the interval notation for the set of all numbers from 2 through 7 inclusive?

[2,7] the bracket means inclusive but if it said exclusive it would have parenthesis replacing the brackets.

What expression would test for a length between 10 and 20 meters inclusive in c programming?

if (length>=10 && length<=20) { // length is between 10 and 20, inclusive... }

What number would round to 100?

If you were asked to round to the nearest 100, any number between 50 and 99 inclusive would round to 100. Also any number between 101 an 149 inclusive would round to 100.

How many numbers have exactly have 4 digits?

9,000 numbers from 1,000 to 9,999 inclusive.

Would do you call the result of adding two numbers?

The sum.

How would you determine whether the product of many natural numbers is even or odd?

If at least one of the numbers is even, the result will be even. Otherwise all the numbers are odd and the result will be odd.

What numbers are between 12.0 and 29.0?

There are an infinity of numbers between 12.0 and 29.0 so it would be impossible to list them.

How many numbers between 44 and 81?

Between them, not including them it is 36. If you include these two numbers, it would be 38.

Determine the weight of an ion?

it is very simple we add the numbers of protons with the numbers of neutrons and the result would be the weight of the ion

What expression would test for a length between 10 and 20 meters inclusive?

length ≥ 10 m and length ≤ 20 m

Use the word inclusive in a sentence?

The prices in the retail store are inclusive of taxes and other fees. Another sentence would be, the club is inclusive with their prices and membership fees.

What level of organization would be most inclusive?

DOMAIN would be the most inclusive level of organization whereas SPECIES is the most exclusive level of organization.

What is the difference between accurate and reliable results?

a accurate result would be true as possible but a reliable result would be one that is compared

What are two mathods of comparing numbers?

One option for comparing two numbers is to subtract the first number from the second number. If the result is less than zero, the first number is larger. If the result is greater than zero, the second number is larger. If the result is zero, the numbers are equal. Another option (for positive numbers) would be to divide the first number by the second number. If the result is greater than one, the first number is larger. If the result is less than one, the second number is larger. If the result is one, the numbers are equal. This rule flips if you are comparing negative numbers.

What is a barbados all inclusive?

A Barbados all inclusive is a holiday. With an all inclusive holiday all of your meals are included in the price, you would probably only have to pay for your alcoholic drinks.

What digit can you put in the box so wene rounding 76.4to the nearest tenth would not result in rounding up to 76.5?

You can put any digit from 0 to 5 (inclusive).

Give a multiple of six that is between 10 and 20?

In general, unless otherwise specified, you should assume the range to be inclusive of the beginning and ending numbers, 10 & 20 in this example. Since neither of these numbers are multiples (even integer multiples that is) of 10 or 20, they wonโ€™t show up as multiples of interest. Should either the beginning or ending range numbers be numbers satisfying the condition, then they would be included in the list. For example, if you want multiples of 6 between 12 and 20, then 12 would be part of the desired list (along with 18). Hope this helps!

What is the number before 2000?

The set of Real numbers is infinitely dense. As a result, there are infinitely many Real numbers between any two numbers. If any number X was said to be the number before 2000, then there would be infinitely many numbers between X and 2000. Any one of these numbers has a better claim to be before 2000 than X and so X cannot be the number before 2000.

3 numbers between 0.05 and 0.06?

3 numbers would be 0.051, 0.052, and 0.053

What would be the answers for The LCM of to number is 24 the difference between the numbers is to the sum of the numbers is 14 what are the numbers?

8 and 6

When two cells with an haploid numbers of chromosomes fuse what type of cell result?

This would be a zygote

Which of these events events would most likely result in the creation of large numbers of fossils?