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Q: If your car is valued at 14000.00 and you owe 7000.00 what is your current value?
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What is present value of 700000 in five years if current market rate is 3 percent?


What is present value of 700000 in five years and current market rate is 3 percent?

FV = PV*(1+rate)^time So, (1+.03)^5 = 1.159274074 And: 700000 = PV*1.159274074, solve for PV = 603826.15 [to the nearest cent]

What do people value most in a company?

The wealth of a company is valued most.The wealth is also expressed as the current market value of it's shares.

What is the current price of Ford Motor stock as listed on the TSX?

The current price of Ford Motor stock is valued at 15.08. This value is actually an increase of +44 from the previous value of the stock quote retrieved.

What is the past tense of value?

The past tense of "value" is "valued."

How do you write 719343 in expanded notation by multiplying each digit by its place value?


What is the Value of 1938 2.5 g nederlanden?

The value of a 1938 2.5 gram Nederlanden coin can vary depending on its condition and rarity. It is recommended to consult with a numismatic expert or check online marketplaces for current pricing information.

How do you know if you are valued?

This is a difficult question to answer? How do you define value? I will try to answer this. Different people will value you for different things. For instance: Your valued because of the work you do. Your valued for how you help others. You are valued for your smile. You are valued for you knowledge. Above all you are valued for you just being who you are. Ask some one why they value you. I think you will like the answer. But the best part of being valued, is that you know that you are valued for who you are.

What did the Iroquois the value?

I think they valued there wampum and they valued respect.

What is the value of the exponent in the scientific notation expression for the number 1400000?

1.4 X 10^6 6 is the number, zeros are superfluous

What is Market to market accounting standards?

I think you mean "Mark to Market" which is an accounting technique in which assets are valued at their current market value and not a previous value or future value. Mark to Market is also known as "Fair Value" accounting.

What is single valued?

Single-valued attributes can have only one value