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cost of per square yard will be 468.00.

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Q: If your carpet costs 52.00 per square foot how much does it cost per square yard?
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What is the average price for Berber carpet?

The cost largely depends on the quality of the carpet you want. The lower end costs $3.70 per square foot, while the higher end carpet costs about $5.49 per square foot.

If carpet costs 9.99 a square yard how much would a square meter cost?

8.325 a sq meter.

How much will it cost to carpet a 10 ft by 12 ft room if carpeting costs 15.00 per square yard?

It will cost 200.00

Carpet stain protector costs 0.65 per square yard to apply How much will it cost to apply the protectant to a 16foot times 18foot carpet?


If your carpet costs 1.40 per square feet how much does it cost per square yard?

1.40 x 9 = 12.60 per yard.

Cost for carpet for 800 sq ft basement?

The cost of carpet for a 800 square foot basement depends on the price of the carpet. It can cost upwards of 1.50 per square foot.

If carpet costs 49.50 a square meter how much would a lineal meter cost?

0, because a lineal meter has an area of 0

Find the cost of carpeting the rectangular room if the carpet costs 16.50 per square yard?

It depends on the size of what you're carpeting.

What is the cost to lay carpet that is 88 square yards of carpet cost is 71cent per yard?

The answer depends on the width of the carpet.

What would it cost to carpet if carpet was 25 dollars a square meter?

The cost would be ($25) multiplied by (the number of square meters to be carpeted).

How much will it cost to carpet a 21 ft by 12 ft room if carpeting costs 28.95 per square yard?

810.60 for the carpeting.

How much will it cost tp carpet a room measuring 4 yards long by 5 yards wide if carpet costs 12 per sq yd?

room is 4 x 5 = 20 square yards in area carpet cost = 12 per sq yd cost = carpet cost x area = 20 x 12 = 240

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