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I'm not sure your question is going to get the answer your looking for but here is how it works. cubic feet is width in feet times height in feet times depth in feet (w*h*d=v or volume). 1 cubic foot equals 1728 cubic inches. If the 26 for depth and width is measured in inches then your "oven" height is 1728 divided by 26 then divided by 26 again (h=v/w/d). That would make your oven height 2.56 inches. That just doesn't seem to be reasonable for an oven so you may want to edit your question.

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Q: If your oven has a volume of one cubic foot what is its height if its depth is 26 inches and the width is 26 inches?
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What is the volume of the cube in inches?

Multiply the length/depth/height and your product will be in cubic inches. That is the volume.

How do you get cubic inches?

by measuring the height, width, and depth of an object. Can be used as an english unit for volume.

What is the formula for determining the volume of a cube in cubic inches?

width times height times depth

What is the volume of a rectangular prism that has a lenght of 6 in a width of 4 in and a height of 8 in?

A rectangular prism with a width of 4 inches a height of 6 inches and a depth of 8 inches has a volume of 192 cubic inches.

What is the total cube of 31 inches long by 24 inches height?

The calculation of the cubic measure (volume) of an object requires its measure in three dimensions: length, height and depth. There is no information on depth.

How do you find the volume for a rectangular prism by 24in 18in and by 15 in?

A rectangular prism with a width of 24 inches a height of 18 inches and a depth of 15 inches has a volume of 6,480 cubic inches.

Formula to calculate volume of liquid in gallons of a rectangular tank?

Volume = (length) x (width) x (depth of liquid)-- Volume, cubic inches = (Length, inches) x (width, inches) x (depth, inches)Gallons = (Volume, cubic inches)/231-- Volume, cubic feet = (Length, feet) x (width, feet) x (depth, feet)Gallons = (Volume, cubic feet) x (7.4805)

How many cubic feet is your refrigerator if it is 36 inches wide?

There is no direct relationship between the width, and the volume. The volume also depends on its height, and depth.

What is the cubic inches if the height is 18 inches the width is 51 inches and the depth is 3 inches?

You just multiply all the dimensions to find the volume: 18" x 51" x 3" = 2,754 cubic inches.

What is the cubic inches of an object whose dimensions are height 46 inches width 24 inches and depth 24 inches?

If it's rectangular, i.e. all its angles are 90 degrees, then Volume = 26,496 cubic inches = 15 and 1/3 cubic feet

What is the volume of a rectangular prism length 6in width 4in height 13in?

A rectangular prism with a width of 4 inches a length of 6 inches and a depth of 13 inches has a volume of 312 cubic inches.

How do you figure out cubic measurements?

A cubic measurement is a volume measurement. To calculate volume, multiply Area x Height (or Depth).

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