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Assuming you had to answer all the questions, you would have to answer 14 questions.

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Q: If your teacher tells you to do questions 28 through 41 in your math book for homework how many questions is that?
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If your teacher tells you to do questions 38 through 51 in your math book for homework how many questions is that?


If your teacher tells you to do questions 38 through 51 in your math book for homework how man questions is that?

14 of them.

Why is it important to do the homework?

You are telling the teacher you understood what she/he taught. It is practice and if you don’t understand something it tells the teacher that too. I corrected every paper/homework/ assignment my students did. I had a system and had my students follow it so I could correct their work.

What is the benefit of homework in math?

Math homework helps you to remember the math gone over in class. But in this case, my case, too, if you already know everything your teacher tells you, but you're teacher won't let you go up a math grade or something, I agree, it can be quite irritating. But we still have to do it.

My Italian teacher tells us to ask culture questions every class and expects us to have many questions but I've asked so many already I've run out do you have any sugesstions on questions?

What did Nero do to Roman Culture

Which struggle took place between colonists and soldiers in Boston on March 5 1770?

The Boston Massacre. (Something tells me that I am answering someone's homework questions tonight...)

How do you get good grades without doing your homework?

You don't! If you don't do your homework, you will not learn the material, you will get a zero if the teacher takes a grade on it, and you will not be prepared for tests. More advice: Just do your homework, then you can get good grades and have a chance to get a scholarship and go to a good college if you have a high enough G.P.A from doing your homework, projects, activities, and generally working hard. If you want to have a good job, you should do your homework; in fact, you should do all the things your teacher tells you to do. They put so much effort into teaching you, all you have to do is learn, and show how you've learned. You don't! If you don't do your homework, you will not learn the material, you will get a zero if the teacher takes a grade on it, and you will not be prepared for tests.

Is it against the law for a teacher to talk about a student with another teacher?

That depends on the currcumstances. For example if a student does something that a teacher finds annoying they sometimes talk about it to other teachers. But if a student tells a teacher personal information teacher are not supposed to tell anybody if a student tells a teacher personal information and the teacher tells someone the teacher could get fired. However if the teacher is worried about a student they may tell someone out of concern. example if a student tell a teacher he wants to hurt himself or someone else. the student needs to talk to someone in that case it is ok for the teacher to tell someone.

Which page should you check to help you with homework?

The page that tells you what you are required to do!

What is the difference between teacher and lecturer?

A teacher tells students what to do and lecturer do not tell them anything

How does scout manage her teacher in to kill a mocking bird?

she can read and she tells the teacher about the cunninghams

Can you give me some messages to teachers day?

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

Is it true that the mediocre teacher tells and the good teacher explains and the superior teacher states but the great teacher inspires?

TeachersIt's almost true. The superior teacher demonstrates, not states. It should read this way: The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, and the great teacher inspires.

What is the answers to Maniac Magee questions homework part3 section how does maniac convince Russell and piper to return to tow mills?

he tells them he is a pizza delivery guy and if they come with him to get their free pizza that he will show them a shortcut to mexico

Which happens before Charles becomes the teacher's helper?

Laurie tells his mother that Charles hit the teacher.

What are the important questions in inter 2nd year chemistry?

Everything your teacher tells you.Oh my, did I mean to use that bad word "study"? Hmmm...

Is Wikipedia a reliable source for a science fair when your teacher tells you that Wikipedia is not accredited as your teacher is?

Your teacher is right. Anyone can add to the entries and not all are correct. Follow your teacher's advice.

Is a rhombus a paralellogram?

Yes, it is a parrallelogram, or that's what my teacher tells me

How do you pass maths?

simple. by doing what your math teacher tells you to do.

What is the Accelerated Reader username?

ITs your id and teacher tells you password

How do you know your teacher is gay?

The only way you can conclusively know if your teacher is gay is if he or she tells you about their sexual orientation. Despite the many stereotypes and generalisations people use, these are inaccurate and do not necessarily indicate a person's sexual orientation. You should also think about why you even want to know. Does the teacher's sexual orientation have any impact on you or are you just being nosy? There is usually no need to ask such questions about the teacher.

Is your girlfriend cheating on you when she tells you that she is helping this guy with math homework but he always does the homework for her.?

AnswerMaybe/maybe not. Look, maybe he really likes her and she using him to get her math homework done. That seems very plausible.

How long does an essay need to be?

About 5,10 paragraphs it depends what your teacher tells you... :)

What level of carbon is boiler dangers?

science is what your teacher tells you to do and you do it with experimts

How do you know questions?

your brain stores energy and tells you what to say or what to do.

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