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Q: If youre to jog a mile a few hours after lunch which stored fuel would you probably tap?
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What would you measure the mass of your lunch in metric system?

Probably in grams.

What is the best part of the day for lawyers?

I would probably be their lunch break and time to go home. ;)

Why does your friend keep fainting before lunch?

She doesn't... Unless she's allergic to anything that is in the lunchroom. Then she would probably get itchy, and if its really bad, she would probably collapse. :D

What would the people who lived in castles in medieval times eat?

The Lord ate bread and meat for breakfast, meat, bread and potatoes and vegetables for lunch, and maybe a apple pie for lunch, and probably more meat for tea. Peasant's wood have Barley for breakfast, something called 'Ploughman's Lunch' for lunch (this was brown bread and cheese) and probably barley soup for tea.

What time do most schools have lunch at?

All schools under the National School Lunch Program must serve lunch between 10 AM to 2 PM. my school eats lunch at 11:35

How long would take to travel to one end of the earth to the other?

It would take you probably about 5 hours or 7.5 hours or 6.5 hours and 10 hours.

What is 4 times a day?

Usually, breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and bedtime. Otherwise, the medicine would say every six hours which means you'd have to take it 24 hours a day.

What is lunch in ancient Rome called?

Lunch in Latin is "prandium". To lunch would be "prandere" (the verb).

What are the nutrients present in lunch?

That would depend on what your lunch was made of.

If i was African and lived in Aruba and it was around lunch time and a metior struck the house ahead would my tevo still record lost?

Probably not.

What would happen if there was no sun for 24 hours?

If there was no sun for 24 hours it would be like an ECLIPSE and also plants need sunlight so they would probably not survive.

How many hours is it till pm till Am?

I would think it would just be 12 hours? or from pm to am it would probably be just be 1 hour. (11pm-12am)