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IQ is adjusted for age, so your age is irrelevant in this context.

IQ is not "out of" any number. In principle, there is no upper limit to a person's IQ. The IQ score is a Gaussian (or Normal) distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation of 15. Thus a person of average IQ will score 100. About 68% of the population will score between 85 and 115. Thus approx 84% of the population will score 115 or below. This puts you at around the top 15-16% mark in terms of IQ.

Incidentally, do not make the mistake of equating IQ with intelligence. Most IQ tests simply measure your skills at dealing with a narrow range of question types.

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Q: Im 16 and I have an IQ of 117 out of 138 is that good?
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How good is an IQ of 138?

Well the average IQ is 90-110 so an IQ of 138 is very good.

How good is an IQ of 117 for a 51 year old?

117 is good for are above average!

Is 117 a good IQ for a thirteen year old girl?

Yes it is 90 to 100 IQ is the normal IQ of most people in Britain and America an IQ of 117 is a slighlty higher IQ than most people

What is Rihanna's IQ?

Rihanna's highest IQ is 117

If you take an IQ test and it says your IQ is 161 is that good?

161 means you are a genius, I am 11 and my IQ is 138 meaning I am gifted

Is 138 a bad IQ score for a 13 year old girl?

The average IQ for an adult is anywhere from 90 to 115 therefore 138 is considered very good

Is 138 a good IQ for a 9 year old and after turning 15 would it be much different from then?

Yes, 138 is a very good IQ for a 9 year old. It probably will not change much when he becomes 15.

What is Brenda Songs IQ?

Her IQ is 117

Is an IQ of 117 good for 22 year old?

An IQ is designed to be age independent so your age should be irrelevant. Also, IQ scores are designed so that average IQ score for a population is 100 and the standard deviation of the scores is 15. Thus, around 9.1 % of the population will have an IQ of 117 or higher.

How good is an IQ of 138 for an 25 year old man?

It is a very good IQ and above average. 100, plus or minus 10 points, is considered average.

What percentile of the population has an IQ of 138?

It depends on the standard deviation. IQ 138 sd 116: 1/114; IQ 138 sd 115: 1/177Have a look at this: wishesChristoph

What is Lindsay lohans IQ?

Lindsay Lohans IQ is 117.