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Current Year minus Age equals Year Born

2010 - 30 = 1980

answer: 1980

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Q: Im 30 years old what year was you born?
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If you are 30 years old in 2011 what year were you born?

You were born in 1981.

If someone is 30 years old what year was they born?


How old is a 30 year old?

A 30-year-old is more than 30 years old, but not yet 31 years old.

How old are you if you were born on March 30 1990?

On March 30, 2010, you turned 20 years old. For future years, subtract 1990 from the year, and decrease the computed age by 1 year if it is not yet March 30 in that year.

Hoe old is Paul Wall?

Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.Born: March 30, 1980. Thus, he is 28 years old.

When were you born if you are 30 years old?

30 years ago

If I'm 30 years old what year was I born in?

Calculated from 2010, the year of birth was 1980. (2010 minus 30 = 1980).

She was 39 years old when she died 30 bc what year was she born?

30 bc - 39 j =69 bc

What year you were born if you 30 year old calculated 2012?

If you are 30 and its 2012 you were born in the year of 1972

How old is cone from sum 41?

He was born on September 3rd in 1980, so he turned 30 years old this year.

What year was it when Hatshepsut was 30 years old?

year 1

What year is a 30 year old born in?


Can a 30 year old date a 19 year old?

Yes, there should be no problem with dating something that is 19-years-old when you are 30-years-old. Since the age of consent (at least in the United States) is 18-years-old.

If you are 30 years old when was you born?


Why is it illegal for a 30 years old dude to have a 14 years old girlfriend but it is not illegal that a 14 year old dude has a relationship with an 30 years old cougar?

both are illegal

How old is 5 in bunny years?

Like a 30-year-old adult in human years.

Born in 1982 how old are you?

If you were born in 1982 you would be 30 years old.

How old is Andy Milanakas?

He was born January 30, 1976, so he is 30 years old.

What do you call a 30 year old person?

A tricenarian is a person who is 30 through 39 years old.

What year was cheryl cole born?

June 30, 1983 Cheryl Cole was born in 1983 on June 30th and is 29 years old.

If you were born on January 30 1947 how old are you?

62 years old

How old would you be in 2010 if you were born in 1980?

30 years old.

Is LeBron James 30 years old?

No, LeBron James is currently 27 years old. He was born on December 30, 1984.

Is a 1995 mustang gts a 30 year anniversary? has to b 30 years old to b at 30 years annyversary

If you are 27 years old what year where you born?

1986 (as of Dec 29th 2013) unless your DOB is dec 30 or 31