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A capital W

it would be a upside down m, because when you rotate 180 degrees you are going halfway. so your figure would be upside down.

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Q: Imagine the letter M what letter does i t look like when its rotated 180 degrees?
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When letter you is rotated to 180 degree how it will appear?

u rotated 180 degrees will be upside down and will look like an n. Sometimes answers changes when you say I in a question to be a u. If you are talking about capital I, it will look the same rotated 180 degrees. i will look like an exclamation mark upside down

When alphabet 'you' is rotated to 180 degrees how it will appear?

When the alphabet 'you' is rotated 180 degrees, it will appear as the letter 'y'.

If the capital letter M is rotated 180 degrees would it look like an E a W or an M?

W 90° = E (anti-clockwise) 180° = W 360° = M

What is the term for a year palindrome that reads the same when rotated 180 degrees like 1961 or 1881?


How do you rotate a figure 180 degrees about origin?

Visualize a capital "N." Rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise (a quarter turn to the left) it would look like a capital "Z."

What does a triangle turned 180 degrees look like?

A triangle. The effect of turning will depend on whether the plane containing the triangle is rotated - that is, the triangle is rotated around an axis perpendicular to its plane. In that case, it will appear upside down. Alternatively, it can be rotated about an axis in the plane of the triangle. In this case it will appear flipped.

Is it true that a shape with rotational symmetry can be rotated around a point so that all of its characteristics are maintained?

It only has rotional symmetry if it can be rotated around a point less than 360 degrees and staying the same shape like if you rotate a square 90 degrees it will be the same shape as in the beginning.. Kind of confusing

What would the letter Y look like if it is turned 90 degrees to the left?

what will the letter Y look like if it is turned 90 degrees to the left

Does an arrow have rotational symmetry?

If we are talking about a normal arrow, then no. if " -> " is rotated 90 degrees, it would not look the same as it did before. It would look something like this: ^ | Which would not be the same.

How does 122 degree look like?

Imagine looking at a clock face. If the hands represented 122 degrees, they would be on 12 & 4.

What does the 40 degree angle look like?

Very similar to to a 45 degree angle, but a bit smaller. Imagine half of a right angle which is 90 degrees.

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