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evidence-based practice

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Q: Imporatance of statistics in the field of medical research?
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Importance of statistics in commerce and business field?

statistics had a great role in the business and commerce field . it also had agreat role in the field of research.

What are the statistics of medical assistants and billers needed in the medical field?

salary for medical assistants

What are the importance of statistics in the field of research?

Statistics are needed to analyze data and show which outcomes are significant.

How statistics are used in the medical field?

Statistics are used in many different ways in the medical field. Mainly they are used to evaluate medical practice, the efficacy and safety of drugs and to assess diseases.Data from many sources (e.g. primary care records, clinical trials, observational studies, etc) are analysed to create statistics. These statistics are then collected and evaluated to ultimately improve medical practice.For more information on the use of statistics see

What field does Dr Michael Zasloff work?

Medical research

How can graduates in the medical research field find employment?

Graduates of medical research should research jobs in their field. The educational institute will probably assist in finding job placements for new graduates. There are also many jobs listed online.

General field of statistics?

what are the general field of statistics?

What are people who work in medical statistics called?

People who work in medical statistics are usually called biostatisticians. These people are often found working for pharmaceutical companies analyzing clinical trials or in the field of public health.

What is the importance of statistics in research?

Ø Statistics is the science of collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. It has wide usage in the field of research. In fact all the data collection and interpretation techniques used in Research are part of statistics. Ø It makes use of descriptive statistics for collection of data and inferential statistics for drawing inferences from this set of data. Ø The subject called research statistics & statistics is very important in research because that is the backbone of your research. Ø The Numbers gives an easy idea of how you conducted your research. Ø Statistics provides a platform for research as to; How to go about your research, either to consider a sample or the whole population, the Techniques to use in data collection and observation, how to go about the data description (using measure of central tendency). Ø To wrap it up, statistics as a science of data collection, analysis, interpretation, explanation and presentation will guide you in research for proper characterization, summarization, presentation and interpretation of your research result for proper action.

What is the importance of statistics in the field of economics?

importance of statistics in field of economics

What is the use of statistics in engeneering field?

application of statistics in engineering field

What is the least stressful medical field?

The least stressful medical field is medical research. The least stressful medical field where you are dealing with patients is probably urology. I honestly have no idea - I think that all jobs in the medical field have some element of stress, but if I had to guess, I think it'd either be a nutritionist or a pediatrician, as neither have to perform surgery.