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The Upside down T symbol indicates perpendicular lines.

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In math what does the upside down n mean?

That's a u

What does upside down v upside down v mean?

Answer it

What does the upside down U symbol mean in math?

In sets it means intersects. like what is common in both sets

What does an Upside down A mean?

In mathematics, an upside down A means "for all".

Can chickens lay eggs upside down?

Sounds highly unlikely. But did you mean 'the chicken upside down', or 'the egg upside down'?

What does an upside down rainbow mean?

A upside down rainbow means cheese or tacos

What does the upside down T mean in math?

The only "mathematical" (it's really more geometrical) symbol I can think of fitting the description means "perpendicular."

What does pnworhd mean?

pnworhd is an upside down pyramid. If you take pnworhd in script and turn in upside down you will get pyramid

What does an upside down Fleur De Lis mean?

someone once told me that it was like an upside down crucifix

What does an upside down arrow mean?


What does 0.0761 mean upside down?


What does an upside down purple triangle mean?

The upside down purple triangle was actually used to identify Jehovah's Witnessess

What does anokatoprosopus mean?

Anokatoprosopus means upside-down face (i.e. some aliens or monsters have upside-down faces).

What does a upside down jolly rogers flag mean?

upside down pirate flag was flown to mean No quarter," we're going to kill all aboard".

What does and upside down question mark mean?

Commonly used in the Spanish language, the use of the upside down question mark (or even an upside down exclamation mark) are used in questioning sentences.

What does shape upside down mean?

Take a pyramid and turn it upside down so it is balanced on the point (pointed top), you have now turned a 3D shape upside down. Basically, upside down is to reverse the way the shape should normally appears.

What does an upside down horseshoe mean?

not catching luck

What does an upside down palm leaf mean?


What does the word overturned mean?

Turned upside down.

What does a upside down butterfly mean?

It's to do with "The Hum"

What does an upside down u mean in math?

It is used in set theory to indicate intersection. The intersection of two sets, A and B, is the set of all elements that are in A as well as in B.

What does a upside down p mean?

It means un-polo if it's an upside down p with a small diamond next to it.

When you go upside down on a roller coaster or ride can you tell you are going upside down?

Do you mean can you tell when your about to go upside down or that you can feel it when your already upside down? Because to the first, if your observant or have ridden the ride before, and the second, yes, you can tell when your upside down. > Your body would be able to feel the centre of gravity changing.

What does ''mi'' stand for in math?


What does it mean if the breast cancer ribbon is upside down?

When younger people get brest cancer. They want to have the ribbon upside down. Sounds good to me.