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Q: In a 1.50 scale 1cm equals?
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Related questions

Which map would be bigger in size one map to scale of 1cm equals 100km or another map drawn to scale 1cm equals 50km?

The map drawn to a scale of 1cm=50cm

If the map scale says 1cm equals 30mm how many cm represents 45 mm?

1.5 cm

What is the scale ratio of 1cm equals 50km?

(50 km) x (1,000 m/km) x (100 cm/m) = 5,000,000So [ 1cm=50km ] is a scale of 1 to 5 million.

What is equals to 1 sq centimeter?

1cm2 = 1cm x 1cm 1cm = 10mm 10mm x 10mm = 100mm2 100mm2 equals 1cm2.

What is scale of centimeters to kilometers?

1cm : 0.00001km

What is the scale ratio of 1cm to 10m?


How may mm squared equals 1cm squared?

There are 10mm in 1cm. Therefore there are 102mm2 in 1cm2 which equals 100 square millimetres.

What do people mean when they say'' a map is drawn to scale?

It means that the map's length is drawn according to a certain scale. For example, if they say that the map is drawn to scale, and they give a scale like 1cm=2km, for every 1cm on the map, it is 2km in real life.

Why does 1 cm1cm equals 1cm?

1cm1cm is equal to 1cm2 this is not equal to 1cm 1cm2 means a box that has four edges that each measure 1cm. just a plain 1cm is a length of 1cm.

Measurement scale for example 1cm 100m?


10mm equals how many cm's?


1cm equals how many mm?


How many mm equals 1cm?

10 !

What is 1cm equals to what mm?

10 mm

How many m equals 1cm?


How many mm in 1cm squared?

1 cm squared is 10mm by 10mm so 1cm squared equals 100mm squared

What isa scale factor?

A scale factor in a number that changes the size of a shape by that scale examples: 1: if you have a square that is 1cm by 1cm and you increaseit by a scale factor of 3 the square would then be 3cm by 3cm 2: if you had a 2cm by 2 cm square and increase by a scale factor of 0.5 you'd get a 1cm by 1 cm square

How millimeters are equal to 15 centimeters?

150, there are 10mm to 1cm.

What size is a 1 50000 scale map?

1cm = 50,000cm

1 mL equals how many cm cubed?

1ml equals 1cm cubed

If 10mm equals 1cm what equals 1mm?

One millimetre is equal to 1000 micrometres.

Do the following conversion 10mm equals 1cm find 17mm equals what cm?


11 mm equals how many cm?

1cm = 10mm 11mm x 1cm/10mm = 1.1cm

0.001 meter equals to how many centimeter?


The direct statement scale of a map is 1cm to 20km. If the map distance between 2 cities is 6cm what is the real distance?

1cm on the map equals 20km in reality.6cm on the map equals 6 times 20km in reality.6*20= 120kmChicken is GOOD!