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4 x 750 = 3,000 meters

1000 meters = 1 kilometer

3,000 meters= 3 kilometer

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Each person runs 200 meters; 4 people x 200 meters = 800 meter relay.

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Q: In a four person relay race each person on relay team must run 750 meters how many kilometers long is the whole race?
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How many round complete in his lane by athlete in 4X400m relay?

if your talking about an individual they run one lap or 400 meters but if your talking about the whole 4 man relay team it is 1600 meters or 4 laps or a mile

The circumference of a school's tract oval is 860 meters. A relay will be played with 8 runners per team. How many meters will each player run if they divide the whole oval into eight equal parts?

they each run 107.5 meters.

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