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in greater detail

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Q: In a greater detail or in greater detail?
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Should it be greater detail or greater details?

In greater detail is right answer

What did the introduction of oil paint in northern europe allowed artisit to?

show a greater level of detail

How does a map scale effect detail?

The smaller the scale the greater the detail. example 1:1 would be full size, thus the detail is greater than say 1:2,1:3, etc. 1inch=1mile things like that.

What is the purpose of a telescope in astronomy?

To be able to view the cosmos in greater detail.

What is darts in sports?

If you look at the below link, it will explain it in much greater detail

The introduction of oil paint in northern Europe allowed artists to what?

Show a greater level of detail

How is clarity of an image related with pixel?

Any digital image is made of pixels - the more pixels in the image, the greater the detail and the greater the clarity.

Do films show the issues of life and death in greater detail than newspapers?


Telescopes are used by astronomers for?

To study outer space in greater detail through magnification.

What introduction of oil paint in northern Europe allowed artists to?

Show a greater level of detail (apex)

Do light microscopes allow us to observe specimens in greater detail than electron microscopes?


You use a micro scope to?

Microscopes are used to look at subjects up close and with greater detail.

Which is one advantage that newspapers generally have over televisions?

They cover news stories in Greater detail

How do the narration of Paul's road to Damascus in Acts differs?

The narration in Acts is in the third person and contains greater detail.

What MRI can do that CT scan cannot?

A MRI shows muscles and ligaments in greater detail than a CT scan.

Why According to curtis wilkies article words triumph over images what is one of the strengths?

They include greater detail

What tools help modern people study objects in space in greater details than was possible in the past?

The Hubble telescope helps modern people study objects in space in greater detail.

Why are powers of and limits on Congress addressed first and in greater detail than those of other branches?

because they are more important...

How does the telescope help in the study of heavenly bodies?

The telescope magnifies the image of an object, allowing us to see it in greater detail.

Which is one advantage that newspapers generally have over television?

They cover news stories in greater detail. -Shaay /.\

Does lower resolution uses a greater number of pixels?

A lower resolution uses fewer pixels. Resolution means the detail that is in an image. Higher resolutions will contain more detail than lower.

What are the differences between a large scale map and a small scale map?

A large scale map is a map that covers a large area with little detail were as a small scale map covers a small area and in greater detail.

In oop text based instructions are replaced by?

Greater detail is needed before this question can be answered. Please edit it so an answer can be provided.

What states can you get a drivers license if its supendend in another state?

Simple answer, no. There are answers with much greater detail on this subject which can be sought out easily enough.

An opening line essay?

I have no idea what you are asking here. Please revise your question and add greater detail so somebody will be able to thoroughly answer you.

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