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Sandy won the race.

Jack: Runs at 30 mph to Y and at 10 mph back to X. So his avg. speed is given by the formula (2ab)/(a+b) i.e. 15 mph

Sandy: Runs at 20 mph to Y and at 20 mph back to X. So his avg. speed is 20 mph

So only Sandy wins the race.

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How far in distance in miles is sandy point to hope town?

The distance from Sandy Point, Bahamas to Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas is 41.8 miles. This is equal in distance to 67.27 kilometers.

How many nautical miles block island to sandy hook?

The distance between the above places is approximately equal to 740 nautical miles. To convert miles to nautical miles, multiply the miles by 0.86. This is point to point straight distance. The actual distance will change according to the route.

How long is the chesapeake bay bridge?

23 MILES FROM SHORE TO SHORE from the start of the bridge in sandy point Maryland to its end on the eastern shore its 4.33 miles.

When was Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge created?

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1984.

How fast did Sandy Koufax pitch?

The fastest pitch ever timed for Sandy Koufax was 93.2 miles per hour. However, considering pitchers were not accurately timed in those days, it is very probable his pitches reached 100 miles per hour at some point.

Distance from Tallahassee fl to a beach?

It's about 40 miles from Tallahassee to the nearest sandy beach at Bald or Alligator Point on the Gulf of Mexico

What is the area of Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge?

The area of Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is 1,456,868.312064 square meters.

When was Sandy Point Town created?

A small town situated on the S.W tip of Abaco

What is the distance from Portland OR to Sandy OR?

It is 28.2 miles from Portland OR to Sandy OR, according to Google Maps.

How big was Hurricane Sandy?

At its largest Hurricane Sandy had a gale diameter of 1,100 miles.

Who is one directions bass player?

His name is Sandy Beales. He's on twitter too!

How wide is hurricane sandy?

1,100 miles

How far is Battleground Washington to Sandy Oregon?

Battleground, Washington is 38.6 miles from Sandy, Oregon.

What is the area of the Little Sandy Desert?

The Little Sandy Desert of Australia is 43,050 square miles.

How far is superstorm sandy from Oregon?

About 3,000 miles.

How many miles from Denver Colorado to Sandy Utah?

It is 537.37 miles according to MapQuest.

What is the native american word for sandy point?

There is no such thing as a single "native American language", so it follows that there must be many hundreds of different ways of saying "sandy point" in many different languages.There is a place-name Hammonassett Point in Connecticut, where hammonassett means "place of sand bars" in the local Niantic or Pocumtuc Algonquian dialect , but this is not quite the same as "sandy point".The Ojibwa word for "sandy" is nagawicka, or nega-as a prefix, and a point of land is neyaashi, so it is possible to construct a place-name neganeyaashi (sandy point) - but as far as I know there is nowhere with that name.There is town in Chile with the name Punta Arenas, which means "sandy point" in Spanish, not a native American language.

What is the ISBN for sonny Jim of sandy point?


What size is the Great Sandy Desert?

The Great Sandy Desert is 400,000 square kilometers or 150,000 square miles.

What is the size of the Great Sandy Desert?

The Great Sandy Desert is about 400,000 square km or 150,000 square miles.

How fast was Sandy Koufax's Fastball?

Sandy Koufax's fastball was up to 97-99 miles per hour. BPL

What is the driving distance from Portland Oregon to Sandy Oregon?

It is 28 miles from the downtown Portland, Oregon to downtown Sandy, Oregon.

How large is the Great Sandy Desert?

110,036 square miles

Was there any pirates documented at sandy point Newfoundland?

(Were) there any pirates documented at Sandy Point, Newfoundland? As is often the case for pirates, sources are sketchy; however, early 18th century Sandy Point in St. Georges Bay, Newfoundland seems to have been a base for piracy. Particularly vicious reputations have been established for Eric Cobham and Maria Lindsey who are believed to have preyed on vessels in the Gulf of St. Lawrence from their Sandy Point hideaway.

How many miles is it from Sandy Springs GA to Athens GA?

It is 63.5 miles according to Google Maps.