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Q: In a relation the input is the number of people and the output is the number of phones. Is this relation a function Why or why not?
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Does all whites have a tv program?

Absolutely not; the number of people that have a TV programs is very small in relation to the number of people who populate the world.

What rate of output is appropriate for a nonprofit corporation?

The rate of output for a nonprofit corporation is based on the number of people they are able to help. The number will vary depending on the amount of trained professionals the non profit organization has.

Why you need for relation and function?

I'll attempt to answer this. As worded your question makes no sense. All functions are relations, but not all relations are functions. Like all girls are people but not all people are girls.

Is the Monitor input or output?

Most people said "computer monitor is an output device". But it can function as an input device.If you attach a panal(touch panal) it may fonction as input device.By:B.J

Do jaguars have relation to people?

no they dont

Is there any relation between Janice Joplin and Scott Joplin?

No, there is no relation between the two people.

What is the meaning of this Karl marx said relation is the opion of the people?

bakit sinulat ni karl mars na relation is the opium of the people

Application of integral calculus on food?

There is an HUGE number of applications but I'll give you an example: Say you have a function of food consumption (independent variable) against number of people. If you integrate this function you will get a figure for total food consumption.

What is meant by harmonic distortion in amplifiers?

Harmonic distortion is most simply characterised by an output which is not proportional to the input, but can be derived from the input by some function or other.Outputs which bear no relation to the input are instanced by noise, hum, motor-boating, or crackles, and are not harmonic distortion.Distorted outputs which are related to the input are in practice mostly due to a non-linearity in one or more stages, an overdrive condition, or an unbalanced phase splitting process before a push-pull output stage.Note. people have spent their whole lives on this, and books have been written. If you need to know more . . . . .

What is the function and the limit?

A lot of people think of a function as an "equation," but it can be more general than that. In formal definitions, a function is a "rule" that assigns every input to exactly one output. You might see a function as a graph, an equation, a table, or an obnoxious person that shouts back at you every word you say, but in pig latin. The limit of a function exists if, as the input x approaches something, the output f(x) approaches something--regardless of the output when x actually reaches the thing it approaches. The limit is the thing that f(x) approaches. For example, picture (or Google), the graph of f(x) = 1/x. As x approaches infinity (further and further to the right of the graph), the curve f(x) gets closer and closer to the x-axis--meaning it gets closer and closer to zero.

What is the gross domestic product per capita?

Gross domestic product per capita is the measure of the total output of a country divided by the number of people in the country.

What are real life examples of a zero function?

Real life examples of using zero of a function in math include dividing an amount of money by a certain number of people to find out how much money each person will get when the number is divided equally.