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ANSWER: Tell the interviewer that you want to be of service to the company and that you will give your best to be the employee that they need.

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2012-07-29 20:10:33
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Q: In an interview if they ask me what is your plan what answer will I give?
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What questions to ask an electronic technician during an interview?

we give him a case and ask what will be his views on that case

Would you give your password to IN an interview?

The department used to ask applicants to give their user name and password.

How can you apply for a McDonalds job?

Just go there, ask for a job application, and after they give you an application, ask them if you need to hand it then, or at an interview =]

How do you answer 'What is your career plan' in a job interview?

My career plan is...

Why is plannning is important for an interview?

Planning is very important for each work, each and every moment can plan and then proceed. In this case we have to attend the interview means we have plan, how question will be ask and how to delivered. The person watch a each and every moment they watch, So we have to plan the dress code include also

What questions should you ask of a stock controller at an interview?

Ask about evidence of the skills you need in a stock controller. Things like: - organised -able to plan -attention to detail -numeracy

If go for the interview for the quality analyst in bpo then what are the questions and answer they ask how can i face the interview?

Answering "If go for the interview for the quality analyst in bpo then what are the questions and answer they ask how can i face the interview?"

What is Preliminary interview?

A preliminary interview is a way for a boss to get to know a person and can gauge whether they will be a good fit for a company. The preliminary interview may discuss education qualifications and give a person to ask questions about the job.

How does the advertised position fit into your career plan?

You may be asked in a job interview how the advertised position fits in your career plan. This is an opportunity to give a potential employer an idea what you are capable of.

How can I find a job with a retirement pension plan?

A retirement pension plan would be listed under benefits for any job you are considering. If you are fortunate to get an interview, make sure to ask specific questions about the retirement pension plan they are offering.

Does Mason Musso plan on getting any tattoos?

No on an interview of trace with all his hotness and tattoos they ask Mason if he is ever going to get any and he say no

Which type of interview presents the interviewee with a project which the interviewee must create and carry out a plan for?

Case interview is that type of interview.

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