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An additive process is one in which something is added to the art piece to give it interest. A 2-dimensional additive process is painting, you add more paint to the canvas. A 3-dimensional additive process is coiling a clay pot, you add more clay.

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Q: In art what is an additive process?
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Which sculpture process is additive and which is subtractive?

An additive process in art means adding material to the piece. Building a sculpture from clay is additive because you add clay. A subtractive process means subtracting material away from the piece. Carving a stone statue is subtractive because you take away stone.

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Is printing an additive or subtractive process?

Printing is a subtractive process; all the colors combine to form black.

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Distinguish between additive and subtractive color mixing processes?

The additive color process is mixing lights while the subtractive color process is mixing paints and dyes. In the additive color process when you mix all of the main colors together: red, green, and blue: you get white(hence the name additive) while if you do the exact same thing in the subtractive color process: cyan, magenta, and yellow: you get black(hence the name subtractive because in order to get white you'd have to take away all of the colors).

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Additive inverse: change all signs. Multiplicative inverse: flip it over.

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What is an additive process associated with building and shaping a soft pliable material such as clay wax or plaster?


What is Additive and subractive process in art?

In subtractive processes, the sculptor begins with a mass of material larger than the finished work and removes material, or subtracts from that mass until the work achieves its finished form. Carving is a subtractive process. In additive processes, the sculptor builds the work, adding material as the work proceeds. Modeling, construction, and assemblage are additive processes.

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production process means the art because it is in dt