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The x axis.

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Q: In coordinates which one comes first?
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What comes first the x or y axis?

In notation of coordinates it is the x axis followed by the y axis

Does x axis or y axis come first?

X comes first most of the time like when u are graphing coordinates or when you are making a graph

Which comes first when writing latitude and longitude?

Latitude is more often given first. But it really doesn't matter, just as long as the coordinates are clearly identified.

When writing coordinates on a graph does the y or x axis come first?

The x axis comes first! The Y axis is second!Remember: X,Y,Z!

What coordinates do you plot first?

You plot both coordinates together.

What is the converse if a point is in the first quadrant then its coordinates are positive?

Converse: If the coordinates are positive, then the point is in the first quadrant

How do polar coordinates work?

Polar coordinates are another way to write down a location on a two dimensional plane. The first number in a pair of coordinates is the distance one has to travel. The second number in the pair is the angle from the origin.

What comes first longitude or latitude?

Coordinates are given with the degree of latitude first, follow by the degree of longitude. For example, New York City lies at about 41 degrees North, 74 degrees West.

What are the coordinates for planet Mars?

Mars is a planet. That comes from a phrase that ultimately means that it moves. So we can't give you meaningful coordinates; they change over time.

What year were coordinates first used?


Which one comes first boat or box?

box comes first because it has less letters than boat

What is 154 minus negative one?

Using the slope formula, So the slope -intercept form is: Hint Substitute coordinates of one point Step 2 Substituting the coordinates of the first point, we have: Subtracting 8 from both sides, we get: Thus the equation is: