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What r u talking about???

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Q: In how many different ways could a family have 4 boys and 4 girls?
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Why did the Victorian teachers have boys separate from girls?

For the most part, girls and boys were always segregated except when with their family or families. Girls and boys also had different subjects-- for example, boys were expected to learn more "figuring" (math) than girls.

Is it true that boys are naturally faster than girls?

No way. Boys could be faster than girls but girls are fast too. It is not good to say that girls are naturally slower than boys. All people are different.

Are the causes of stress different for boys and girls?

boys are different to girls but I think that the causes are similar

If there are 4 boys and 2 girls in a family what is the ratio of boys in the family to the children in the family?


If there are 4 boys and 2 girls in a family what is the ratio of boys in the family to children in the family?


What types of girls do country boys like?

Every Guy is different. They could like Country girls or they could like Preppy Girls it just depends on the Guy.

What is the record for same sex children in one family for example a family of 7 girls and no boys?

i think its like a family of 18 boys and a family of 11 girls but dont quote me on it

What did Anglo Saxon boys and girls do?

the boys and girls both did different things the boys did fighting and the girls probably did cooking and sewing

Why are boys called boys?

Because they are boys and they have different parts from girls

Why do boys date different girls?

boys date different girls because they either like different girls every week or they want to play the field.......but mostly because they like different girls every week.

What are the different developmental changes happen to boys and girls?

Both girls and boys grow hair!!

Does pioneer school different class for boys and girls?

yes there is difftrent class for boys and girls