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Allegro is not a mathematical word.

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Q: In math what does allegro mean?
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What is the hidden word for what does allegro mean math worksheet?

A line of chours girls

What does the musical term allegro mean?

allegro means lively and fast

In music what does Allegro mean Math worksheet?

Faster I have the same worksheet and I can't figure out the full answer Sorry but yea that's what it means

What does the Italian term allegro mean?

Allegro in Italian means: Fast; upbeat tempo

What does a Allegro mean?

You don't have 'a Allegro'- I'm assuming you meant 'What does the word Allegro (that you might see at the top of a piece of music) mean?' That I can tell you. Allegro is Italian for (according to ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory) quick, literally "cheerful". I hope I helped! x

What does it mean when the 2 movements of a symphony are Allegro and Andante?

The Allegro movement will be fast, and the the Andante movement will be slower.

What does allegro mean in spanish?

Allegro is not a Spanish word, it's Italian and it means alegría (happiness).Allegro is used in music notation to tell the performer to go faster.

In music what does allegro mean?

fairly fast.

What does scherzo allegro mean?

lively and fast

What does allegro molto mean?

Very fast.

What does allegro scherzando mean?

it mean fast and bright its no diffrent then from vivace

When did Mozart first compose the piece allegro?

Mozart composed hundreds of movements which were marked 'Allegro'. Which particular one do you mean?

What does allegro con Grazia mean?

Allegro : Fast Con : With Grazia : Graciousness So, allegro con Grazia means 'Play fast gracefully' or perhaps, 'Play fast with graciousness'.

What does allegro mean in music?

A brisk, lively tempo.

What does allegro maestoso mean?

fast/lively and majestically

What does adagio allegro vivace mean?

They are all tempos

What does Allegro animato mean?

it means ;comfortably fast.

What does allegro mean in musical term?

Lively, fast.

What does allegro assai vivace mean in music?

The musical terms are defined as follows: 'allegro' -> fast 'assai' -> very 'vivace' -> lively

How fast is Allegro assai?

Allegro assai is a bit faster than Allegro. Allegro means "Fast".

Does allegro mean fast in music?

allegro means "brisk pace" or "brisk walking pace" "presto" is fast "prestissimo" is very fast

What does the Italian term allegro mean at the top the piece?

Allegro at the top of a piece means " at a brisk tempo". Don't let the piece drag.

What does Allegro moderato mean?

A direction to play lively and fast.

What does Allegro Energico mean?

it means play fast energetically

What language is allegro in?

Allegro is Italian for "cheerful".