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In kph it would be 40 kph.

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Q: In one-half hour a bicyclist traveled 20 kilometers What was the bicyclist's average speed?
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In one half hour a bicyclist traveled 20 kilometers what was the bicylist's average speed?

20 km in half an hour = 2*20 = 40 km in an hour.

Sally traveled 80 kilometers in 2.5 hours what was her average speed in kilometers per hour?

25 kilometers

How many bicyclists die every hour in the US?

On average, about 2 bicyclists die every day in the US due to traffic-related incidents. This translates to roughly one bicyclist dying every 12 hours. It's important to follow road safety rules and encourage the use of proper safety gear like helmets to reduce these accidents.

What is the average speed of a car that traveled 500 kilometers in 10 hours?


If you know a car traveled 300 kilometers in 3 hours you can find its?

Average Speed

If bicyclist travels 60.0 kilometers in 3.5 hours what is the cyclist average speed?

17.14286 km. hr. is the avg. speed

What is the speed of a bicyclist who takes an hour and a half to travel 10 kilometers?

Average speed = distance / timedistance = 10 kmtime = 1.5 hoursAverage speed = 10 km / 1.5 hours = 6.67 km/hoursor1 mile = 1.60934 km6.67 km/hr = 4.14 miles/hrBecause we do not know if the speed of the bicyclist was constant or not, we can only give the average speed of this cyclist.

What is the average speed of a train that traveled 543 kilometers in 6 hours?

Anything that goes 543 kilometers in 6 hours is averaging 90.5 kilometers per hour

Edward traveled 110 kilometres in 2 hours What was the average speed in kilometre per hour?

His average speed was 55 kilometers per hour.

If a car's average speed is 59 kilometers in 2.6 hours?

If what you want is the total distance traveled, you need to multiply the average speed by the time.Please note that "59 kilometers" is not a speed; perhaps you mean "59 kilometers per hour". If, on the other hand, "59 kilometers" is the TOTAL DISTANCE, and you want the average speed, you need to divide the total distance by the time.

What is the average speed of a car that traveled 1000 kilograms in 5 hours?

A car that travels 1000 kilometers in 5 hrs, averages 200km/h.

What is a car's average speed in kilometers per hour if a 90-kilometer trip takes three hours?

Average speed is the total distance traveled divided by the time taken.Average speed = total distance traveled/time taken = 90 km/3 h = 30kph