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Q: In school a D- is equivalent to what percentage?
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What is the equivalent grade of 1.75?

In American school grading, 1.75 would be considered either a D or a D+. Not very good.

What percentage is equivalent to 0.35?

The equivalent percentage is 35%

If cgpa is 6.2 then Equivalent percentage?


What is the equivalent percentage of 1 out of 2?

Equivalent percentage of 1 out of 2 is 50%.

What is the equivalent percentage of 1 out of 4?

The equivalent percentage of 1 out of 4 is 25 percent(%).

What is 0.136 to its percentage equivalent?

0.136 to its percentage equivalent = 13.6%0.136 * 100% = 13.6%

Which is equivalent 520 as a percentage?

520, as a percentage is 5200%.

What is 0.5 equivalent to percentage?

0.5 to percentage = 50%

What percentage is 40 out of 63 correct?

Simply divide 40 by 63 to revile that 40/63 is 63.5%. It's grade equivalent is approximately a "D".

What is the point in sats?

Well basically the SATs are used to show colleges what you know and what you can do. Because school grades can be different from school to school. For example a (B) in one school can equal a (D) in another school, but the SAT scores are all equivalent.

What is the equivalent percentage for 45 out of 100?

equivalent percentage for 45 out of 100 = 45%% rate:= 45/100 * 100%= 45%

Is a decimal or percentage greater?

The decimal and its equivalent percentage have the same value!