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7,692,024 sq km
Australia has an area of 7,741,220 square kilometers.
7,692,024 km2

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Australia is 7,686,850 square km

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Q: In square kilometers how big is Australia?
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How big is south Australia?

South Australia has a total land area of 402,903 square miles or 1,043,514 square kilometers. The population of South Australia is 1,650,600.

What is the square kilomter of Australia?

Australia has 7,682,300 square kilometers.

Is Australia measured in square kilometers or hectares?

Australia is typically measured in square kilometers. 1 square kilometer is equivalent to 100 hectares.

What are the three largest states in Australia?

Western Australia land area 2,529,875 square kilometers Queensland 1,730,648 square kilometers Northern Territory 1,349,129 square kilometers

How big is Washington in square kilometers?

177 square kilometers

What is the of Australia in km?

Australia's area is 2,970,000 square miles (7,690,000 square kilometers).

How big is Australia compared to Philippines?

Mexico has a surface area of 1,972,550 square kilometers (761,606 sq mi), while Australia has 7,617,930 square kilometers (2,941,299 sq mi) of area. Australia is almost four times the size of Mexico.

How big is Sydney Australia?

Metropolitan Sydney cover about 2000 square kilometers, has 4 million inhabitants and about 300 suburbs .

How many square miles or kilometers in Australia?

2,970,000 square miles or 7 692 264.69 square kilometers

How big is 69484 square kilometers?

69484 square kilometers is equivalent to about 26,811 square miles.

How big is Iceland in kilometers?

103000 square kilometers

What is Australia's size in square kilometers?

Australia's area is 7.692 million km²