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In the decimal expansion of , the digit repeats indefinitely.

2017-05-31 15:24:33
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What is 608 divided by 24?


A decimal number in which a digit or group of digits repeats without end?

a decimal in which a digit or group of digits repeats without end

What does repeating decimal means?

In a repeating decimal, sometimes one digit repeats and sometimes more than one digit repeats.

What is a decimal in which a digit or a group of digits repeats without end?

It is a repeating decimal.

12 times what equals 58?

4.83333333 (the digit 3 repeats indefinitely).

How do you write the fraction 2 3rd as a decimal?

__ .6 would be the proper way (a bar written over the 6, which means that digit repeats indefinitely). For common calculations, people may round to a certain number of decimal places. In that case you would have 0.67 or 0.6667 where the last digit is 7 because that digit gets rounded up.

What is the 2012th digital after the decimal in the decimal expansion of 881?

It is 0. As is every digit after the decimal point.

What is the rate in miles per hour of a plane that travels 478 in 3 hours?

159.3333 mph (the digit 3 repeats indefinitely)

How do you determine if a decimal is rational or not?

A decimal is a rational number if it ever ends, or if it repeats the same single digit or set of digits forever.

What is meaning of repeating decimals?

If I understand your question, you want to know the meaning of the phrase "repeating decimal". It just means an infinite decimal expansion (a decimal with infinitely many digits) in which, from some point on, the same digit or group of digits just keeps repeating forever. Every rational number (fraction) has a decimal that either terminates (in which case it can be considered to be a repeating decimal in which the digit 0 keeps repeating; 1/2 = 0.5 = 0.5000000000...) or repeats. An irrational number has a decimal expansion that never repeats. For example, 1/3 = 0.33333333333...; 1/7 = 0.142857142857142857...; 1/30 = 0.03333333333.... and is often represented with a line above the repeating number

What is decimal expansion?

It is expressing a number in decimal form: that is, a form in which the place value of each digit is one tenth the place value of the digit to its left.

How do you know whether a fraction terminates or repeats in decimal form?

If it repeats, there should be a little line over the last digit(s) that repeat. If it terminates, then the numbers will not repeat.

What are repeating decimals?

When you convert a fraction to a decimal sometimes the decimal repeats forever. For example 1/3 as a decimal = 0.333333333.... (or 0.3 "recurring"). Another example is 1/7=0.142857142857.... (or 0.142857 recurring).

Do you put repeating sign over 6.667?

To show a repeating decimal you put a dot above the digit that repeats.

What is 7 38 as a decimal?

7/38 = approx 0.18421 It has, in fact an 18-digit string which repeats.

What is 135 in decimal expansion?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. So the required decimal representation is 135, exactly as in the question.

How do you Write Two Thirds in Decmial?

Two thirds as a decimal is 0.6666666 \9the digit 6 repeats to infinity).

If a fraction can be written as a repeating decimal Only One digit Can Repeat over And over withoutbend?

No, there can be any finite number of repeating digits. For example, 1/9 = 0.101010... where 10 repeats. Division by 7 gives rise to a six-digit string which repeats.

What symbol is placed above the digit indicating that the digit repeats indefinetely?

A dot over the first and last number if the repeating entity is a series of numbers (such as the decimal of 1/7) , two dots if it is one number repeating (such as the decimal of 1/3)

What do you put behind a decimal when it repeats?

If you're dealing with a recurring decimal then it is common practice to place a dot over the digit that recurs, e.g. the fraction 1/3 written as a decimal would have a dot placed over the second or third digit (in this case a 3) behind the decimal point to idicate that it recurrs infinitely.

What is the 37th digit for pi?

The 37th digit is 4The 37th digit after the decimal point is 1.The 37th digit is 4The 37th digit after the decimal point is 1.The 37th digit is 4The 37th digit after the decimal point is 1.The 37th digit is 4The 37th digit after the decimal point is 1.

What digit is the tenth place in a decimal?

The first digit after the decimal point.

The type of decimal that has a final digit?

The type of decimal that has a final digit is a Terminating Decimal!!! Hope you enjoy!

Why does the Dewey decimal system have the word decimal in it?

The system's notation makes use of three-digit Arabic numerals for main classes, with fractional decimals allowing expansion for further detail.

Is a four digit decimal less than a three digit decimal?

Not necessarily.