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three decimal four

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Q: In the digits 3.4 write each number in word form and tell the value of the number 4?
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What does it mean to write the value for each digit in the number?

it means to write the value. for example.... 1.639. just write the value.

How many different 3 digits numbers can you write with the digits 347?

If you use each number once, there are six combinations.

What is the value of each digit in a number base on the location of the digit?

It is its positional place value within a number

How do you understand place value to build each number?

compare the digits to compare the value of the change 67,335 to 47,335

Write the largest number you can make using each of the digits 7 1 0 2 and 9 just once?

write the largest number you can make using each of the digits 7,1,0,2, and 9 just once

If a number has a two of the same digits why does each four have a different value?

The value of a digit depends on its position as well as its face value.

Write the value for each digit in the number 1.639?

What is the place value of 4561.23?

An entire number cannot have a place value. It is the property of each of its digits, taken one at a time.

What is positional number?

The traditional number system is called a positional number system. A number is represented as a string of digits. Each digit position has a weight assoc. with it. Number's value = a weighted sum of the digits

What is the definition of period in math terms?

In place value, a period is each group of three digits separated by commas in a multidigit number.

Program that a number is Armstrong or not?

if the sum of the cubic value of each digit of a number is equal to the original number , then that particular number is an Armstrong number :-) Actually, Armstrong numbers are the sum of their own digits to the power of the number of digits.

What is the word form for each number and the value of the underlined digit?

Since there are no numbers and no underlined digits, there cannot be any answer!

What is the greatest six-digit number you can write what is the least six-digit number you can write draw two-place value charts and write one number in each place value-chart?

999999 and -999999

How do you write value for each digit in number 633?

They are: 600, 30 and 3

Write the value of the digit 3 in each number?

Three hundred, Bro!

Write the value for each digit in number?

3 100 423 080.

What is a way to write a number that shows the place value of each digit?

What is a decimal

What is vinary digits?

I assume you mean "binary digits". The normal numbers we use are base-ten, using ten different digits (0-9). Also, each place-value is worth ten times as much as the place-value to the right of it. Binary numbers follow a similar principle, but are based on the number 2. That is, there are only two digits (0 and 1), and each place-value is worth twice as much as the number to the right.

What number has two digits in each Is even the sum of the number's digits is 10 the difference of the two digits of the number is 6 and has 4 as a factor?


How many pairs of digits are there in the number 6315784 each of which has as many digits between them in the number as when the digits are rearranged in descending order?


How do you write the word form for each number and tell the value of the underline digit?


How do you find the sum of digits of each number?

Add the digits together. The sum of the digits of 23 is 5.

What is a way to write numbers showing the value of each digits?

Example number: 1,152 One thousand, one hundred, and fifty-two Or: one thousand, one hundred, five tens, two units

What does a way to write numbers using the digits 0-9 with each digit having a place value mean?


How many digits has the number 12345?

It has five digits each of them representing numerical quantities