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In The Giver, math would be important in occupations such as engineering, architecture, medicine, and scientific research. Math is essential in these fields for calculations, measurements, data analysis, and problem-solving. It could also be relevant in many other occupations that involve budgeting, finance, statistics, or other quantitative aspects.

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the receiver of memory uses it

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Q: In the giver what occupations would math be important?
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Name any occupations mentioned in section 2 where math would be important in the community in the book the giver?

a teacher to

What occupations in The Giver require math?

I am not sure. I am wonderong the same thing. I need help to understand the book.

Why is math important in the community in the book the giver?

because in certain jobs or they call them assignments... they could be important

What occupations use math skills on a daily basis?

Most, if not all, occupations use Math to some degree. It is easy to presume that scientists, teachers, accountants, bankers, doctors, etc. would use math, but even store clerks have to count change back to customers, and shelf stockers have to calculate how many boxes or cans will fit within a defined area of space. The list of occupations that do not use Math, if any exist, would be much shorter.

What are some occupations that use math that begin with the letter D?

debt counselor

Which jobs would you need fractions to perform?

Any job that requires measuring would probably also require the use of fractions -- a chef, a carpenter, a lineman, an electrician are just some of the occupations that would involve using fractions and then of course there also would be the obvious occupations, those involving the teaching of math.

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Math and writing are almost as equally important. If you go to a job, such as construction working, math will be very important. If you were to be some kind of speaker or author, writing will be important. Math may be used more than writing, but they are about equal. If you are asking which one is better, though, it would be your opinion.

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What is the importance of contemporary math for the student?

math is important very important so any kind of math is important even contemporary.