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How do you get 15

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sup paul its me mark

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15 of them.

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Q: In the zoo there are 6 flamingos for every 8 ducks. If there are 20 ducks how many flamingos are there?
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Related questions

What is a flamingos diet?

A Flamingos diet consists of shrimp and algae, in zoo habitats if Flamingos do not have shrimp they will lose their pink color.

Where do you find flamingos?

at the zoo.

Does Utah have flamingos?

No, only in a zoo.

Do flamingos live in California?

A flock of flamingos reside in their own pond at the San Diego Zoo.

Why are flamingos at the zoo?

so people can see them because they are not native to Piladelpia

What zoo animals have 2 legs?

There are a variety of zoo animals with two legs. These include flamingos, ostriches, penguins, emus, as well as kangaroos.

What colors are ducks?

brown black at the zoo they are white

Are flamingos safari animals?

Yup, in Longleat they have Flamingo Land. They can also be zoo animals.

What are typical live animals seen in a Western Zoo?

Animals typically seen in a Western Zoo include exotic creatures, including gorillas, lions, hippos, flamingos, chimpanzees, tortoises, alligators, snakes, bears, and many more.

What kind of swans and ducks are found in a zoo?

yo manam

What are some zoo animals that begin with f?

Most zoos have fox and fish. Flamingos are an exhibit at many zoos.

What country or countries do flamingos live in?

florida, or any place that is sunny or has a zoo. Flamingos live in parts of Africa, Europe and Asia, South America (Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina), the Caribbean and Galapagos Islands.

What are some of the exhibits at Bristol Zoo in the UK?

Some of the exhibits at Bristol Zoo in the UK include flamingos, fruit Bats, meerkats, pygmy hippos, red pandas, a reptile house, okapi, pudu, and a butterfly forest along with many others.

How many zoo keepers get injured every year?


What do you see at the Bronx Zoo?

It has penguins,polar bears,monkeys,butterflies,giraffes,ostriches,flamingos and much more!

Can domestic ducks and turtles live together?

There is a zoo in New York that features and duck and turtle pond with many varieties of each. So, yes is the answer.

What are some zoo animals that begin with the letter D?

Dolphin, Deer, Donkey, Ducks.

Do ducks snore?

I dont think so ask at a zoo perhaps

How do flamingos protect their young?

well you wouldn't want to go near a mother only in zoo because they are tamed even if mother isn't with children it will still attack because flamingos are very dumb. even when their kids die, they think they're still in their pouch. Yes, flamingos are part marsupial.

What are some examples of zoo animals?

Giraffes...zebras...monkeys...hippos...tigers...bears...flamingos...anteaters...gorillas...kangeroos...lions...birds...snakes...dingos...zoos have Many different animals

Do flamingos live in Canada?

Only in Zoos. Flamingos are a tropical species , and the main staple of their diet is shrimp, which also gives them their color. Outside of a temperature-controlled habitat in a Zoo, a Flamingo would not survive one winter in Canada.

What difference aniamsl can you get on zoo tycoon?

lions, tigers, girrafes, monkeys, elephants, polar bears, zebras, hippos, rhinos, gazelles, cheetahs, leapards, hyenas,flamingos,kangoroos,horses, bison, wolves, penguins, and many, many, many, more!

How many people visit the St. Louis zoo every year?


How many people visit London zoo every day?

around 3.0089

Does a flamingo build a nest?

yes, flamingos do build nests. If you go to a nearby zoo you'll see a LOT of flamingo nests.