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The g stands for gram, the basic unit of mass in the metric system.

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What does the G stand for in printer paper?

HI, Computer papers come in different weights the G you are referring to is the metric weight of grams. Typical computer paper has a weight of 80 grams. Thanks, Adrian http://www.etaxia.eu

What does the G stand for on your browning OG 19556 shotgun?

Your prefix to the serial number,which is read as Zero G indicates that you have a Browning auto-5 light weight model shotgun,that was made in the year 1960.The letter G designates that your shotgun is a light weight model.

What does g stand for in oz?

"g" typically stands for Grams when dealing with measurements of weight. "Oz" stands for Ounces which can reference either mass or volume (fluid ounces).

What does the 39.098 stand for on the periodic table Potassium?

That is the atomic weight of the element. It weighs 39.098 AMU or 39.098 g/mol.

What does g stands for in term of 2g?

G as an abbreviation can stand for "grams", the metric unit of weight. A paper clip weighs about 1 gram. Or, it can stand for the force of gravity on an object. Someone at any given time on Earth will feel a force of 1 g, while someone riding a roller coaster might experience 2 g or 3 g.

How much weight can a typical TV stand hold?

The TV stand can hold an weight up to 135 lb. But the weight a TV stand can hold depends upon the size of the stand too.

What does the 'G' stand for in eg?

In "e.g." the 'G' is for "gratia."

Is the weight of a cricket closer to 2 g or 200 g?

Crickets weight approx 0.2 g so they are closer to 2 g

What does the g stand for in g star raw?

The 'G' in G-Star stands for 'Gap'.

How do you get the weight if the mass is given?

weight = mass * g , where g is the gravity constant = 9.8 .so weight can be determined.

What is the weight limit for this stand How difficult is the assembly?

This stand has a TV weight capacity of 200 Lbs, and shelf weight capacity of 80 Lbs. This stand is also easy to assemble.

How do you calculate the molecular weight of KCl?

The atomic weight of potassium is 39,0983 g.The atomic weight of chlorine is 25,45 g.The molecular weight of potassium chloride (K + Cl) is 74,5483 g.

What does the 'G' stand for in Freemasonry?

The G stands for "Geometry" and "God".

What does G stand for in DNA?

The G of DNA stands for guanine.

What does the g in Gmail stand for?

G in gmail stands for = Google

In the masons what does the G stand for?

The G stands for Geometry and God.

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