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This question is gobbledegook and probably intended as harmless nonsense.

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Q: In which application the quarter wave line as an insulator to support the center conductor of a coaxial line used?
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Is a quarter a conductor or insulator?

A quarter is a conductor because energy can pass through it and help it flow passed it. So a quarter is a conductor!

How do you connect bnc connectors to cable modem?

A BNC Connector is a type of coaxial cable. To connect the BNC connector to a cable modem an adaptor is likely needed. Unlike a coaxial cable which has a lot of screw on the end, a BNC is connected using on a quarter turn of the coupling nut.

Is a quarter a conductor of electricity?

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Yes-we are composed of 95% water with salt and that's a good conductor. If you want to avoid static electricity shock, carry a quarter with you and touch metal first to discharge yourself. :-

What is the value of the resistance when both length and diameter are double?

Doubling the diameter of a circular-section conductor will quadruple its cross-sectional area and, therefore, reduce its resistance by a quarter. Doubling the length of a conductor will double its resistance. So, in this example, the resistance of the conductor will halve.

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When the diameter of a conductor is doubled what happens to its resistance?

Resistance will decreases... Because R is inversely proportional to Area of the conductor.AnswerIf the conductor has a circular cross-sectional area, then doubling the diameter will reduce the resistance to one quarter of its original distance. This is because area is proportional to the square of the radius, and resistance is inversely proportional to cross-sectional area.

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What would the resistance of the wire if the resistance is 10 ohms be the same if it were twice as thick?

For a circular-section conductor, doubling its diameter will quadruple its cross-sectional area. Since resistance is inversely-proportional to a conductor's cross-sectional area, its resistance would, therefore, fall by a quarter, to 2.5 ohms.