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Q: Including 12 partridges in pear trees how many TOTAL gift items did your true love give to you during the Twelve Days of Christmas?
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What was unlucky during the twelve days of Christmas?

There is no specific mention of anything unlucky during the twelve days of Christmas. The song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a joyful and celebratory song that highlights the gifts given by a true love each day.

How many lacrosse players are on the field during a regulation game?

Twelve including a goalie for one team for women. For men's or boy's it's 10 including a goalie. There are twelve players including the goalie for one team on the field at a time.

What are some common apparel worn during Christmas?

Common apparel worn during the Christmas season include sweaters, shirts, ties and pajamas with Christmas motifs. Different styles of hats, including Santa hats are also popular.

What is the purpose of sending Christmas cardsto acquaintances?

The purpose of sending Christmas Cards to anyone (including acquaintances) is to wish them well during the Holiday season.

What food do they eat in Hanukkah during Christmas?

Christmas plays no role whatsoever in the celebration of Channukah. Therefore, on the rare occasion that Channukah and Christmas overlap, there is no change to how Channukah is celebrated including what foods are eaten.

How old is the song 12 days of Christmas?

The song Twelve Days of Christmas was known during the 16th century in Europe, and probably was sung much earlier, although its English version was not published until late in the 18th century.

What three things do people in Iceland eat for Christmas?

Icelanders have several holiday traditions, including Christmas dinner. Three food items that are popular during Christmas are smoked lamb, ham and ptarmigan, which is a type of gamebird.

How many twistmas things are there in moshi monsters?

There was a Twistmas item released most days during the Christmas period. Twistmas gifts are released on Moshi Monsters each day during the twelve days of Christmas. This has been an event for several years, so there are many Twistmas items on Moshi Monsters.

What do the French celebrate during Winter?

The French celebrate Christmas during Winter. For Christmas they have the Christmas Eve Feast. The French enjoy their Christmas every year. Everybody look forward to Christmas.

What time of the year does Chile celebrate Christmas?

Chile celebrates Christmas the same day we do.its just summer there. we will have Christmas during winter and they have Christmas during the summer.

What peppermint is popular during Christmas?

Peppermint in the form of candy canes is popular during Christmas.

What are some popular candy gifts that are given at Christmas?

Many different gifts are given during Christmas, including candies. Some of the most popular are: gingerbread truffles, peppermint bark, cinnamon toffee, and rum balls.