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Interesting shotgun. The patent date is the giveaway. The shotgun was actually made by the Crescent Firearms Company which was the largest shotgun manufacturer in the US at the time. It was absorbed by HD Folsom, a huge firearm importer/distributor, and continued making shotguns for that firm under many different brand names until Folsom was absorbed by Stevens c.1930. I do not know what hardware store or mail-order store used the GET THERE brand name. Vorisek's "Shotgun Markings" attributes that patent date to WH Davenport. His entry for GET THERE indicates "unknown manufacturer" so I guess this date was not marked on the example he examined. Unfortunately, Joe passed away on Christmas Day, 2005, and I do not know what will happen to his documentation.

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How much is it worth a 1896 get there 12 gauge shotgun

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can you elaborate?

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Q: Info on a shotgun patented Aug 11 1896 the only name on gun is GET THERE an only number on it is 3353 on barrel?
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What is the value of a Forehand Arms Co of Worcester Mass Patented Feb 4 1896 twelve gauge single barrel shotgun serial number 89711?

I bought the same shotgun, serial number in the 91000s, for 50 dollars. Ones in good condition can go for 80 dollars. Unless, it is in perfect condition, 80 dollars is the max value.

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How much is a marlin 12 gauge pump shotgun with a Pat D Nov 6 1894 May 12 1896 June 2 1896 on barrel with serial 80996 is worth?

How much is a Marlin 12 gauge pump shotgun with a Pat D Nov 6 1894 May 12 1896 June 2 1896 on barrel with serial #80996 is worth.

Can anyone tell me about a single shot 12ga shot gun marked Klean Kill Pigean Gun Patented August 1896?

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Can anyone tell me about a 1896 Eclipse Gun Co Shotgun I have a grandparent with a 1896 Eclipse Gun Co. 12 ga. double barrel shotgun. It's serial number is 27513 and it was made in Belgium?

Eclipse Gun Co., Belgium Made a twist double barrel Patent 4883c6 - Dec R 20, 1892. Eclipse Giant - double exterior hammers

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What is the value of an Eclipse double barrel shotgun with double triggers and exposed hammers and the date 1896 scratched into the bottom of the receiver?

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You have a Marlin model 1896 slide action shotgun, however, it is a Blackpowder shotgun and you will need brass hulls.

What year is a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 5053?

There is no serial number data for the Company Hopkins and Allen in the private sector available.This firm was in business from 1867-1916.No laws required serial numbers at that time,and those that were marked with a serial number have no records remaining today.If you have a single shot shotgun,these were made from 1887-1902.If the markings say Hopkins and Allen Manufg.Co.Norwich,Conn on the gun then this was made from before 1896.If you have a double barrel shotgun,then these were made from 1902-1916,when they went out of business.

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Your Krag-Jorgensen model of 1892 rifle(1894) was arsenal altered to the model of 1896.This was done to 21,264 rifles by the 1896.

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What is the age of a LeFever Arms side by side shotgun serial 24097?


What is the approximate age and value of a side by side 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with exposed double hammers that is marked only with Regent Arms Co and has no serial number?

Your regent named shotgun was probably made by the Cresent Firearms Co.They were in business from 1896-1932.They made many trade named shotguns for hardware retail business,s in the time frame mentioned.The price of your shotgun will range from 75-175 dollars,depending on overall condition of the wood and metal and a pair of good bores.

What is the year of a model 94 with serial 49893 it has octagon barrel?

year 1896

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Where can you find information on a double barrel external hammer 12ga shotgun marked Bluegrass that was sold by Belknap Hardware?

If it is marked only Blue Grass, not Blue Grass Model 1900 or Bluegrass Arms Co, and is a hammer double, it was made by Hopkins & Allen Arms, 1896 to 1915, according to Vorisek's Shotgun Markings.

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