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there are 33 boxes because if you count 3 that's 3. then the 2 boxes inside each big box that's 6 small boxes. and that makes 9 boxes. then you have 4 even smaller boxes. 4 multiplied by six makes 24. then you add 9 plus 24 and get 33.

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Is the Hubble Telescope inside the exosphere or outside earth's atmosphere altogether?

outside the aptmoshpere

Is Venezuela inside of Mexico?

no, they are two separate countries.

Name the two separate countries that are inside italys borders Italy?

San Marino and Vatican City are inside Italy and are their own separate countriesfrom,Paul Gerstle

Is tissue smaller than an organelle?

No, a organelle is smaller because it is inside a cell.

Why can't scientists see inside an atom?

Because they are to small to be looked inside of. They are much smaller than a period

Which one is the smaller structure a nucleus or a cell?

A cell nucleus would be smaller than a cell because a cell nucleus is inside the cell, so it has to fit inside.

What country fits inside a town?

Vatican City- legally a separate nation- is located inside the city of Rome Italy.

Inside the chest each bronchus divides into smaller and smaller passageways known as?


Is it true that inside the lungs each bronchus divides into smaller and smaller tubes?


How many separate entities are inside the Russian federation?


Is there a separate fuse inside the radio for illumination?

Yes there are several fuses inside for illumination. The best ones are the 10A, the red ones.

Does stardoll have a smaller site inside it?

No,it does not I know you guys wish that!

Is mitochondria smaller then a cell?

mitochondria is part of a cell or inside of it so, yes, it is obviously smaller

What is the game where you enclose birds inside shapes making the shapes smaller and smaller?

Sex Game

What is smaller an atoms nucleus or neutron?

Neutrons are found inside the nucleus, and therefore the neutron is smaller.

What will happen if a lysosome bursts inside the cell and its enzymes are released inside the cell?

It can destroy the organelles by breaking them down into smaller pieces.

Do penguins have skin and why?

yes, under the feathers. why? to separate the inside from the outside.

Does a refrigerator have a separate fan from the freezer?

Outside, no. Inside, it depends on the model.

What animal brain is smaller then its skull?

all of them, the brain is inside the skull

What country has two smaller countries inside of it?


What are the mahasutras?

Mahasutras are usually made of wood. they are dolls that fit inside of each other. they come in all different patterns. they can be found in Russia. if you open the biggest there will be a smaller one inside, if you open that one there will be a smaller one inside... ans when you get tho the smallest one you cant open it.

Where are ribosomes found in eukaryotic cells?

Inside the cell as a separate "organ" of the cell.

How many degrees does a triangle add up to altogether?

The three angles inside the triangle add up to 180 degrees.

Were is the fuel stored in a liquid fuel rocket?

It is stored in two separate tanks. In the shuttle, the external tank(s) hold the two fuels as well as smaller tanks inside the shuttles wings.

Is a ribosome smaller than a cell?

Yes, ribosomes are found inside cells.