Integers you use in money

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Integers you use in money
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When you use negative integers for help in real life?

banking, accounting to know if you owe money

What are the uses of integers?

There are several different ways that you can use integers in everyday situations. For example you can use integers in the Winter, you use them with the temperature.

How are integers used?

Integers are used in diving, money, cooking, height, bank account and more!

What are some examples of integers that you use in your daily lives?

temperature,money(withdrawing&depositing in a bank),and most numbers the are on a number line.

What was the first culture to use negative integers?

The Chinese and Hindu were the first to use negative integers

How do you find the greatest common factor of money?

You don't. You find the GCF of integers. What you count with the integers after that is up to you.

How do you use integers?

Personally, I use them to count with.

What you use integers for?


Where can you use integers at?

Every aspect of mathematics depends upon integers, and even if you don't do any mathematics, you count things with integers. If you even want to know how many guests you are having for dinner, you need to use integers.

How can you use integers to reprsent the speed and velocity of an object?

You can sometime use integers but often speed or velocity can also be irrational.

Which culture was the first to use integers?

Integers are the whole numbers. Indian and Chinese mathematician were the first to contribute in the concept of using integers.

Do pilots use integers?