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No. 3.4 oz is bigger.

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โˆ™ 2021-10-27 13:57:43
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No, 3.4 is definitely bigger

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Q: Is 0.4 oz bigger than 3.4 oz?
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Is 34 lb bigger than 534 oz?

Yes. 34 lb is 544 oz.

Which is bigger 34 oz or 5L?

34 fl oz = 1.0052 L 5 L = 169.12 fl oz 5 L is much bigger (in volume) than 34 fl oz.

Is .5 oz bottle bigger than a .34 oz bottle?


Which is bigger .34 fl.oz or .5 fl. oz?

1st one

Which is more .34 oz. or .64 oz?

.64 oz is more than .34 oz.

What is bigger 2.5 oz or a 1.7 oz?

2.5 is bigger than 1.7 so 2.5 oz is bigger than 1.7 oz.

Is 50 oz bigger than 7.25 oz?


What is bigger 1.7 oz or 5 oz?

5oz is bigger than 1.7oz is.

Is 25 oz bigger than 50 oz?

Obviously 50 oz is bigger!!

Which is bigger 34 lb or 544 oz?

They are both the same weight!

What is bigger 1.7 oz or .5 oz?

5oz is bigger than 1.7oz is.

Is a 0.85 oz bigger than a 3.4 oz?

0.85 is smaller than 1. 3.4 is bigger than 1. "Bigger than 1" is bigger than "smaller than 1".

What is bigger 5 oz or 25 oz?

25oz is bigger (heavier) than 5oz.

Is .1 oz bigger than .22 oz?


How many oz in 34 oz?

34 oz are in 34 oz.

How one is bigger 34 lb or 544 oz?

They are both equal in weight

What is bigger oz or pounds?

lbs (pounds) are 16 times bigger than oz (ounces).

Which is bigger fl oz or a pint?

1 pint is bigger than 1 fl oz.

Is 74 fl oz bigger or smaller than 8c?

74 fl oz is bigger.

What is bigger.25 oz or 5 oz?

0.25 of anything is typically bigger than 5 of the same thing.

Is a gal bigger than an oz?

Yes, a gallon is bigger than an ounce .

Is a 3.4 bottle bigger then a 1.7 oz bottle?

Why do you ask a question like this. It is obvious 3 is bigger than 1 so of course a 3.4 oz bottle will be bigger than a 1.7 oz bottle

Which is bigger 34 pounds or 544 oz?

They are equal because 544 divided by 16 = 34. You have to divide. If the number is bigger multiply. If not, divide. So, it's equal

Is 10.1 oz bigger than 5.1 oz?


Is 3.4 oz bigger than 1.7 oz?


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