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yes most of them are built like that

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Q: Is a city a area of land mainly covered by buildings?
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Where exactly was the San Francisco earthquake?

San Francisco. Mainly in the city areas and the business buildings. 296 miles around this area were destroyed. :)

How many principal parts does London have and what are they?

London has 32 individual boroughs which includes the City of London - which is mainly the financial area- and the City of Westminster which has most of the government buildings and tourist areas.

What did Sargon's empire have in common with other Mesopotamia city-states?

it covered an area from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf

Tenochtitln covered the area of what is now?

Mexico City

How do you define an urban area?

Merriam Webster's dictionary explains that this is an area that can be referred to as a city. If you are in a city, then it's an urban area. This is a grouping of buildings and services.

How much of New York City is covered by buildings in square feet?

around 570 billion square feet

Where can you search for blueprints of generic buildings?

this is covered under the freedom of information act and the drawings can be obtained at your city government office.

What is Local government area?

Local Government are covered by city's and municapalitys

What are the government buildings in Ireland?

Leinster House in Kildare Street in Dublin is the seat of government. Lots of other buildings in that area of the city have government departments in them.

Where did Diego Rivera paint in Mexico?

Diego Rivera painted murals on official buildings mainly in Mxico City, but also in Chapingo and Cuernavaca.

What is a geographic size?

The area covered by the geographic unit like a city, county or state.

Is Atlanta a city and big city with big buildings?

Atlanta is a large city with many buildings and many people. It has some big buildings.

Why does wind blows faster as it passes between tall buildings in a city?

Limited cross-section area of flow.

How many office buildings are there in an average city?

There is no real way to answer this, as there is no clear definition of what an "average city" is. It might be determined by the actual total area of the city, but could also be determined by the population.

What is this capital city of Monaco?

Monaco-ville is where the government buildings and legislative centre are. It's not a city on it's own, but an area of the main urban district of Monaco.

How do people live in Tokyo?

They live in Tokyo like you probably live in your house. Tokyo is mainly city with some country land. They have houses, buildings, apartments and transportations.

How is cytoplasm like the city?

If buildings in a city could be analogous to organelles then cytoplasm can be analogous to the city in which those buildings are.

What is the urban area?

Urban area is a place surrounding a city. Most urban areas are very developed and have a density of commercial buildings, railways and houses. Urban area refers to â??cityâ??.

How do bananas and pineapples and sugar canes grown from?

They grow from mainly Africa and the easten side because it is hot there and they are more land there because in city their covered with bulidings.

What is mall of Asia before it built?

Coastal sea. SM Mall of Asia (MoA) in Pasay City, Philippines is built on what used to be coastal water, then covered by soil, or the buildings are on reclaimed land.

How do you get to erica's gym in the blue edition?

If your already in Celadon city then you have to find a tree you can cut that has buildings inside the area that the tree will lead you to.

Where does acid rain affect most?

Acid rain does most damage to inner city area to stone buildings and other structures.

Which city is called the city of magnificent buildings?


Describe the city of mohenjo-daro?

Mohenjo-Daro was built around 2600 BCE. It was built in what is present day Pakistan. The layout of the city was based on a grid, and the buildings were mainly built of brick. There were about 40,000 people living in the city, and the city was divided into two parts. The lower half of the city held the marketplace and a well.

What is the concrete jungle in new york?

"Concrete Jungle" is a nickname for New York City mainly named that because a concrete jungle is a city with large modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant and there an intense competition and struggle for survival and that is pretty much New York City.