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Q: Is it true or false that a country with one resource economy realize heavily on one crop or one industry?
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What is Colombia main industry?

Colombia' economy relies heavily on the exports of petroleum and coal.

How did the U.S. government change during the war?

it grew and heavily controlled the economy

What type of economy does Liberia have?

Liberia's economy relies heavily on the mining of iron ore. The country is a major exporter of iron ore in the world.

Which industry is the most heavily subsidized in the country?

In the United States, the industry most heavily subsidized is farming. In order to address the needs of the people, the government must pay farmers to produce food, because it not lucrative.

What did the economy of new England heavily rely on?

they relied heavily on shipping.

How has the industry in China changed?

Before Communism arrived in china the country heavily relied upon agriculture and the it's methods. Now china manufactures items of clothing to house hold objects ! China now is the fastest growing economy and market in the world

The economy of which state is most heavily dependent on agricultural products?

The economy of which state is most heavily dependent on agricultural products is Nebraska.

What did Australia's economy rely heavily on?


Why was it risky for farmers to depend heavily on just one cash crop?

Because if that resource runs out, or suddenly loses value, the country will be badly harmed financially

What did greece's economy heavily rely on?

Because of Greece's location, it relied mostly on fishing and trading. Nowadays, Greece's economy depends heavily on shipping and tourism.

What are some industries heavily dependent on oil?

The automobile industry, for one, is heavily dependent on oil.

Why are forests one of Alberta's most valuable resource?

Forests are one of Alberta's most valuable resources because Alberta relies heavily on its oil and lumber industry to support its economy. Because Alberta is so rich in forests, it is able to export most of the lumber it produces to the rest of North America and the world, and therefore make a lot of money.