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Q: Is the following question statistical or non statistical?
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What is the difference between a statistical and a non- statistical question?

a statistical is a question that has a variety of answers, but a non-statistical question has only one answer. like if i say "how old am i?" that is a non-statistical question because there is only one answer. But if I say "How old are the 6th and 7th grade students in school?" that is a statistical question because there will be various answers.

What is a statistical question?

A statistical question is a question that contains statistics.

What is is a statistical question?

a satistical question has statistics

What is a statistical question'?

a satistical question has statistics

What are statistical questions?

a question that has a numerical answer

What difference between Statistical Sampling and non statistical sampling?

an approach to sampling that has the characteristics of being randomly selected and the use of probability theory to evaluate sample results. Whereas non-statistical sampling is therefore any sampling approach that does not have both of the characteristicss of statistical sampling. I hope this will help....

How do you choose the most appropriate statistical procedure?

To choose the appropriate statistical test, the following four question must be answered; What are your dependent and independent variables? What is scale of measurement of the variables? How many groups/samples are there in the study? Have I have met the assumptions of the statistical test?

Can you use the mean to answer a statistical question?


Is 'how many days are in March' a statistical question?

No, it is not.

Which of the following is not a characteristic of non-Euclidean geometry?

The question refers to the "following". In such circumstances would it be too much to expect that you make sure that there is something that is following?

What are examples of parametric and nonparametric statistical tests?

Parametric statistical tests assume that your data are normally distributed (follow a classic bell-shaped curve). An example of a parametric statistical test is the Student's t-test.Non-parametric tests make no such assumption. An example of a non-parametric statistical test is the Sign Test.

What type of application would you use if the data set is non-numerical?

Non-parametric statistical methods.

What Makes A Good Statistical question?

Seek your butt for information on this question

What is the most appropriate statistical technique?

It depends on the data and the question.

What is an example of a statistical question?

What is the favorite sport at _____ middle school.

"The following" means the list after the question.There is no list following this question?


What are the uses of parametric statistical tests?

Answer this many paramatic trdy

What is a set of data collected to answer a statistical question?

It is simply a data set.

Which of the following is technique for regonizing an attack signature?

they are frequency, pattern, correlation and statistical technique.

What was the following was not a characteristic of southern coionies?

If asking a THE FOLLOWING question, you have to include THE FOLLOWING as part of the question.

What is statistical series and explain any types of statistical series?

Data is arranged logically according to size or time of occurrence or some other measurable or non measurable characteristics...

This is part of a population selected to predict information about the population as a whole.?

Statistical question

Is at the Minnesota zoo do spider monkeys typically weigh more than owl monkeys a statistical question?

Yes, it is.

What is a statistical question in math?

If three people, including myself, answer this question, what is the probability that the other two answers agree with mine?

Which of the following is considered an on the page question?

it has has to have a question mark to be a question