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Any number times pi is irrational.

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Q: Is -7 pie rational
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Is pie a rational number or not?

It is rational number.

Is 7 pie a rational number why or why not?

Assuming that you mean pi, and not pie, it is not a rational number.The set of rational numbers is a field and this means that for every non-zero rational number, there exists a multiplicative inverse in the setand also, due to closure, the product of any two rational numbers is a rational number.Now suppose 7*pi were rational.7 is rational and so there is its multiplicative inverse, which is (1/7).(1/7) is also rational so (1/7)*(7*pi) is rationalBut by the associative property, this is (1/7*7)*pi = 1*pi = pi.But it has been proven that pi is irrational. Therefore the supposition must be wrong ie 7*pi is not rational.

Is 22 pie rational?

No 22*pi is not a rational number

Is pi a rational?

Pie is not a ratio

Is e plus pie rational?


Is pie a rational or irratational number?

pi [not pie] is an irrational number.

Is 6.5 rational or irrational?

6.5 is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction

Is pie is a rational no?

No, Pi is an Irrational Number.

All real numbers are rational?

Not all number are rational. Pie is a number but is irrational.

Is pie a rational number?

No. Pie is potentially never ending. This makes it an irrational number.

Is 3 plus pie rational?

No, the answer would be irrational

Is 7 rational or irrational number?

7 is rational.

Is -7 rational or irrational?


Reasons why pie is not a rational number?

their is no end to it... it goes on forever...

What number is rational 12 14 0.76 or pie?

Pie is always regarded as an irrational no. 12140.76 is rational as it is a terminating no. Irrational no. is always non-terminating and non repeating. example- Square root 2 , pie etc.

Is 0.16 pie a rational number?

(pi) itself is an irrational number. The only multiples of it that can be rational are (pi) x (a rational number/pi) .

Is negative 7 a rational or irrational number?


Is -7 a rational or irrational number and why?

-7 is the ratio of -7 and 1 ... nice and rational.

Is 7 is rational no.?

7 is a rational number and it is also a prime number

Is 7 a rational or irrational number?


Is 7 an irrational or rational number?

7 is the ratio of 7 to 1 ... a perfectly rational number.

Is 15 over 7 a rational number?

15/7 is a rational number

Is 5 over 7 rational?

is 5 over 7 a rational number

What is the rational number of 7?

It is 7.

Is 7 over 8 rational or irrational?