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Probably not, but it is difficult to be sure because of the limitations of the browser used by We cannot see most symbols.

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No, -8 8 80 8 is not the additive identity property. The additive identity property states that for any number a, the sum of a and zero is equal to a. So, 0 is the additive identity, not -8 8 80 8.

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Q: Is -8 8 80 8 the additive identity property?
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What property is illustrated by 8 plus 0 equals 8?

The fact that 8 + 0 = 8 demonstrates the additive identity property of 0. The number 0 can be added to any quantity without altering the value of that quantity. This is because 0 is the additive IDENTITY.

What is the definition of additive identity property?

The additive identity states that "Any number plus zero is equal to the original number."A + 0 = AHere is an example: 8+0=8 or 25+0=25

What are the properties in math?

Commutative Property of addition and multiplication...3+2=2+3 Associative Property of addition and multiplication...(5*13)*2=5*(13*2) Additive Identity Property...nn, hkvcytuyrxtezstdxfcgvh5+0=5 Multiplication Identity Property...10*1=10 Additive inverse property...72+(-72)=0 Add the opposite Property...6-8=6+(-8) Multiplication Property of Zero...0*3=0

Is 7 plus 1 equals 8 a additive inverse property?

No.. if you write 7/2 as -7/2, then that's additive inverse property.

What does identity property mean in im math for multipication?

An example of the identity property is: 8 x 1 = 8. Any number that is multiplied by a number to product itself is known as identity property.

-10 equals -2 plus d?


Is 8 plus 4 equals 4 plus 8 identity property if not what is it?

It is the commutative property of addition.

What is The difenition of multiplicative identity property?

the answer will equal its # ex: 8+0=8

How is identity property in addition?

the identity property of addition keeps its identity. Here is an example: 8+0=8 or 25+0=25that number added to zero. ( 12+0=2 790+0=790)

What is the identity property of zero?

Well this is kind of hard to answer but it should be zero because if the identity property of addition would be the same answer. Here let me give you an example: 8+0=8, 125+0=125 so identity property of zero should be zero. 0+0=0

What property does 8x6 equals 6 x 8 illustrate?

The commutative property

What property of addition is shown in the sentence 8times1-8?

8 x 1 = 8 is the identity property of multiplication which states that anything times one equals whatever you started out with.