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Greater than

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Q: Is 0.04 less than or greater than 0.005?
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Is 004 greater than 002?

.004 > .002 yes, .004 is greater than .002

Is 004 great or less than 0.1?


Is 004 greater than or less than 4.00?

No, they are both 4.

Is 004 greater than 5?


Is -004 greater than 0.050?


Is .2 greater than .004?


Is 004 greater than 006?

No. 6>4

What number is greater .004 or .0000051?


What number is greater 005 or 009?

009 (9) is greater than 005 (5) by 004 (4)

Which is greater 004 or 04?

They both have the same value of 4

What number is greater 0.004 or 0.00004?

.004 is 100 times as large as .00004.

What is bigger .004 or 4.00?

4.00 is bigger than .004 which is the same as 0.004

Is 004 smaller than 0.23?


What is the value of 004?

004 is the same as 4

What is 987 multiplied by 004?

987 multiplied by 004 is 3,948

What is the Valve clearance for 21 hp Briggs and stratton?


How much was a drachma worth?

Greece has been in a period of economic depression for several years. Thus, its money doesn't have a lot of value compared to U.S. dollars. The current exchange is .004 (or less than a half a penny) for 1 drachma.

.004 kilograms equals how many grams?

.004 kg is 4 grams

How would you write 400 thousandths in decimal form?


What is the sum of 004 plus 3 plus 03?

.004 + 3 + .03 = 3.034

What does 1.51e plus 004 mean as a whole number in mathematics?

1.51E+004 = 1.51*104 = 15100

Scale factor of 1 m model of a 4 mm microchip?

.004 = 1 or 1 = .004

What are fault codes P202C-004 on Mercedes?

P202C-004 = CAN BUS signal from EIS controller,CAN BUS signal error

What is 004 as a percent?

== ==

Is 0.08greater that 004?