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it is greater

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Q: Is 0.09 less than equal to or greater than 0.02?
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Is 004 greater than 002?

.004 > .002 yes, .004 is greater than .002

Is 002 less then or greater then 003?

It is less

Is one fourth greater or less than 002?

1/4 = 0.250.25 = less than 2

Is 0.5 less than 0.02?

No... .002 is less than .5 .002 < .5

Is 002 greater than 0.05?


Which is greater 5.8 or 5.802?

5.802 is greater because if one was to extend 5.8, it would equal the same as 5.800 and you can see that 5.802 it is .002 greater than 5.8(5.800).

Is .001 ugL greater than .002 ugL?


What is greater 002 or 020?

002 is 2 and 020 is 20, so 020 is greater.

What is 2 thousandths less than 2.779?

2/1000 = .002 2.779 - .002 = 2.777

Which is greater .009 or .002?

.009 is greater than .002

What numbers are greater than 10?

There are infinitely many number greater than 10. For example, 10.000......001, 10.000......002,

What is 2 thousands less than 4.679?

4.679 - .002 = 4.677

How many cotton balls equals a pound?

If one cotton ball equals .002 pounds than it would take 500 cotton balls to equal one pound.

How many 3 digit numbers have the sum of their digits equal to 5?


What fit is recomnded to the ball bearings on the shafts?

It depends on the application of the bearings. If inside a gearbox for example, the best fit would be a press fit of .002, meaning the shaft diameter is .002 smaller than the bearings inside diameter (ID). For other applications where spinning of a bearing on a shaft is of less concern, then a slip fit of .005 or greater is fine as long as the bearing doesn't rock back and forth on the shaft.

How many liters are equal two ml?

2 ml = .002 L

Is 0.05 mm equal to .002?

.05 mm Equals .002 inchesThe answer is yes... something .002 inches, be it diameter, circumference, length, width, thickness or whatever it may be, is equal to .0508mm. Direct Conversion Formula.05 mm*1 in25.4 mm=0.002 in

Is 002 larger than 0005?

Yes. by how much

How many mcg in 002 mg?

002 mg = 2000

Is 87 002 smaller than 8 700x2?

It is not true. 87002 is not smaller than 8700 x 2.

What is 002 in words?


Is .002 equal to 20 percent?

No. 0.002 is 0.2%20% is 0.2 (to change a decimal to a percent multiply the decimal by 100).

How many drops of water equal two milligrams?

Two milligrams of water has a volume of approximately two microliters (.002 ml), or 2 cubic millimeters.

What is 12 divided by 6000?


What are the valve lash specs for a Honda ATC 70?

From the Honda spec book: Intake = .002", Exhaust .002"