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Q: Is 0.21 more than a half or less than a half?
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Is .021 less than .01?

No because .021 is greater than .01

Is 021 less than 05?

Yes, 0.021 is less than 0.050 (=0.05)

Where is area code 021 from?

There are several different countries with area code 021.

What is Australia's St George Bank Routing Number?

021 000 021

What is the routing number for Coast Capital Savings Credit Union?


Will the Stihl 021 chainsaw operate an 18 inch bar and chain?

Not satisfactorily. The 021 is a lightweight saw.

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Please be advised that they may have branches in Pakistan who call themselves Barclays but they don't have any access to your accounts in UK nor they would be able to provide you any help. I went there in May 2009, my Barclays UK ATM card didn't work at their ATMs. I went into their Dawood Centre branch, there was no one to entertain me but some young girls who did not know much about their Bank and just kept smiling to all my comments. Secretly they told me to try some other bank as they already have complaints of this nature. I asked if they can access my account details and they told me that they don't have the access and its just a Pakistani bank with no connections to UK to serve Barclays UK or any other country customers. It was a pathetic experience for me. - Alan Dawood Centre Ground Floor , Dawood Centre, Near PIDC M.T Khan Road Karachi (021) 5272930 (021) 5272747 (021) 5634213 Shahrah-e-Faisal Showroom no. 1,2 and 3. Ibrahim Trade Tower Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi, 75400 (021) 4327641 (021) 4327643 (021) 4327645 Shahbaz Plot No 1C/3C, Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, Phase-VI, D.H.A. Karachi. (021) 5345491 (021) 5345541 (021) 5344927 (021) 5345586 (021) 5344921 (021) 5345475

Where is area code 021?

There is no 021 area code in England. There is 020 (London) and 023 (Portsmouth and Southampton) but none in between!

What is coad Karachi Pakistan?


How do you say .021 in words?

Twenty-one thousandths.

What is fraction for. 021?


In Romania if calamities occur and roads are blocked is there any phone number you can call to find out if the road is still blocked?

1. Phone numbers are: 021 9360, 021 2643333, 021 2643334.2. The URL address is:

Where in the UK is area code 2145?

There is no area code 2145, nor 02145, nor 21, nor 021, in the UK. There are no valid numbers beginning with 021 or +44 21.

What is post code for Karachi?

021 is the postal code of karachi

What is the area code of chandni arcade Karachi?


When did 0121 replace 021?

16th April 1995

How many km are in 21 meters?

.021 kilometers

How many in3 are in one yd3?

1 cubic inch = 0.000 021 433 470 508 cubic yard 1 cubic inch = 0.000 021 433 470 508 cubic yard

What is the size of the Germany?

The area of Germany is 357 021 km2.

What is this ABA 063 000 021?

Wachovia Bank NA

Is Germany bigger than Australia?

No. Australia's mainland alone has an area of 7 659 861 square kilometres. Germany has an area of 357 021 sq km. This means Australia is at least 21 times larger than Germany.

What is the population of Estonia?

According to Wikipedia it's 1 340 021

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021 521 4200

What is the PMS color of the orange in Dukes of Hazzard clothing?

orange 021

How many times does 190 go into 4?

Roughly .021 times.