Is 0.32 a natural number

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no..a natural number is a whole number

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Q: Is 0.32 a natural number
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Which number is larger .05 or .032?

It is 0.05 that is larger than 0.032

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.032 is not a measurement.

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.032 as a fraction?

.032 = 32/1000 = 4/125

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032 in Scientific Notation = 0.32 x 102

Is .032 less than .05?

Yes because .05 is greater than .032

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Is 9 an natural number?

No, but is a natural number.

Is there number 0 in natural number?

there is a zero in a natural number.

What keyboard shortcut can be used in conjunction with the numeric keypad to create a space?

I think you are asking about ASCII number for space i.e. "032". Press 032 on numeric pad while pressing "Alt" key. Hope that helps....

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What is a multiple of a natural number always?

A multiple of a natural number should be another natural number.

What number is both a natural number and irrational number?

No natural number is irrational.

Is 0 the only whole number that is not a natural number?

Depending on your definition of a natural number, 0 may or may not be a natural number. If you don't think 0 is a natural number, then it will be the only non-natural number that is whole.

Why the zero isn't a natural number?

It is a natural number!