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No because 79 is bigger than 0.7

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โˆ™ 2017-09-22 13:42:00
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Q: Is 0.7 bigger than 79
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Is 79 or 0.8 bigger?

79 is greater than 0.8 is greater than 7/9

Is .07 bigger than .9?

No. 0.9 is .83 larger than .07

Is 56 bigger than 79?

56 is 29.1% smaller than 79, although 5/6 is greater than 7/9.

When was Bigger Than Big created?

Bigger Than Big was created on 2007-07-09.

How much bigger is a blue whale than an elephant?

79 feet

Which is the greater amount .07 .7 .79?


What element is one atomic number bigger than platinum?

Gold has one atomic number bigger than platinum which is 79.It is represented by Au.

What is greater 07 or 051?

051 as in 51 is bigger than 7

What does less than -79 mean?

Less than -79 means... Wait for it... LESS THAN -79 :O!

How can hurricanes get bigger?

Hurricanes get bigger and stronger over water that is over 79 degrees F

What is bigger 5 lb or 79 oz?

5lb is bigger becuase 5 lb is 80 oz

Is 0.79 bigger then 0.5?

yes, think of it as .79 and .50.

Is 7.1 bigger than 7.07?

Yes, because 7.1 is the same as 7.10; and ten hundredths (.10) is more than seven hundredths (.07).

Factors of 79?

The factors of 79 are 1 and 79. 79 is a prime number and has no factors other than 1 and itself.

What is 56 more than 79?

56 + 79 = 135

What is bigger than a terabyte?

Bigger than terabyte is petabyte and then bigger than petabyte is exabyte.

What is greater -75 or -79?


What is bigger 0.7 or 7 percent?

0.7 is bigger since 7% as a decimal would be .07

What number is 38 less than 79?

Subtract 38 from 79: 79-38 = 41

Is a Falcon bigger than a Hawk?


Is Titan bigger than Earth?

Titan isn't bigger than Earth but bigger than Mercury.

Is pint bigger than gallons?

No pints are not bigger than gallons. Gallons are bigger than pints.

How many times is the white giant Rigel bigger than your sun?

Its radius is 79 times that of the sum so that its volume is nearly half a million times as large.

If a is bigger than b and b bigger than c which statement must be true?

if a is bigger than b and b is bigger than c a must be bigger than c... Transitivity

How to figure out what is greater than .07?

You add an positive number to .07. The answer is greater than .07

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