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i think so...

.9999999999 would be rounded to 1?

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Q: Is 0.99 repeting equal to 1?
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What is 0.1 repeting as a fraction in silplest form?

It is; 1/9 = 0.111...recurring

.099 round off to the nearest hundredth?


What is 000-099?

000-099 = -99

What is a repitition?

the repeting of somthing

what is .82 repeting as a fraction in simplist form?

no one

What has an atomic radius of 099?

what has an atomic radius of .099

What is 0.27 repeting in a fraction?


What is the flashback?

A vison or thought that you have expriensed before and is repeting .

Browning ranger repeating shotgun?

what is a Browning Ranger Repeting Shotgun

What is one third converted into a repeting decimal?

0.3333 repeating

What is 0.45 repeting as a fraction in simplest form?


HOW many repeting decimals of 1by 6?

Infinitely many.

How many bytes in one Terabyte?

1 terabyte = 1 099 511 627 776 bytes

1.3 repeting to mixed number?

1.3... = 13/9 = 11/3

What is the definition for repeting decimals?

A decimal with a continuously repeating digits or group of digits

How many minutes in 155 seconds?

60 seconds = 1 minute 155 seconds = (155 / 60) = 2.58333 minutes (rounded, repeting)

What is 2.39 (repeting ) as a fraction?

If you mean: 2.393939 ... repeating then as a fraction it is 79/33 simplified

0.64 repeting as a fraction?

The question is ambiguous: it is not clear whether the number is meant to be 0.646464... or 0.644444... .

What is 10.18 repeting as a fraction?

If you mean 10.1818.... repeating then as a fraction it is 112/11 in its lowest terms

What is 099 rounded to the nearest tenth?

That depends on where the decimal point is. I am guessing you either meant 0.99 or .099. 099 to the nearest tenth is 099.0 0.99 to the nearest tenth is 1.0 0.099 to the nearest tenth is 0.1

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ee dd cbg ii and just keep repeting it

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A.MADE OF REPETING SUBstens called nucleotides B.contains codes for your genes

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It is impossible to say without knowing what country you're asking about. There are several countries with a domestic telephone area code 099 or similar.

What is .099 as a fraction?

0.099 = 99/1000

What is 198 pounds in tons?

.099 ton